Well my run grew longer as the day went on.  What started out being a 4 and a half mile run quickly turned into a 5 and a half mile run — and it was awesome!  I have seriously missed running with friends since high school.  Kirsten and Maggie were!  In addition I think I’m going to train for the half-marathon that Kirsten is doing in March — exciting times!

Shake, shake, shake — Shakeology and coffee!  The shake was pretty normal, except I added chia seeds.  I don’t think I’ll do it again any time soon.  The seedy texture got to me.


1. greek yogurt with apples (sweet strawberry with sweet apples — pretty yummy!)

2. pretzels (it was after lunch, but before time for my second snack — so hungry!)

3. celery with peanut butter.  Always crunchy!

Lunch was leftover steamed and mashed cauliflower!

Then I ran and made dinner.  Kellen wasn’t home for dinner so I made something he probably wouldn’t like — my version of Vietnamese Pho.  It’s so lime-y, cilantro-y, and spicy! YUM!  Here’s the recipe I based mine off of:

Instead of fish sauce I used oyster sauce and hoisen sauce.  I also added Bragg’s Liquid Aminos for extra flavor.  AND I put way too much red pepper flake in it.  It was so spicy that it has caused my stomach to revolt! *blech* I wouldn’t take it back though — because this meal was tasty!

My stomach may also be picketing because I did this…..again:

I’m so proud of me sometimes!  Also, the frosting has been put in the trash, and the trash has been taken out.

Happy running, playing, working out, and eating, friends!



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2 responses to “Wednesday!

  1. This is adorable whit! Good luck running the half!

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