Work was getting a little overwhelming after yesterday, but I woke today with a much needed positive outlook — and it paid off, because my Friday was great!  The kids were on it, I was patient, AND very well fed!

B-fast was oats.  It may be lame, but I had never once thought to add toppings to my oats before I started reading food blogs.  So I must thank Whitney for having an amazing blog (and blogroll) that got me reading others.

These oats were topped with: mashed banana mixed with almond butter, chopped almonds, pumpkin seeds, and crasins!  Crazy good!

‘Tis true, oats are prettier pre-stirred.

I had a lot of veggies and fruit that I needed to use up before the weekend grocery shopping trip, so my snacks and lunch are a reflection of this.  But awesome and refreshing nonetheless.

Snack 1: yellow bell pepper and cucumber slices.  I was running short on time and literally just chopped hunks of the cucumber off and threw them in some foil — yes, yes, I’m terrible, I know.  We need some small tupperware.

LUNCH!  Was amaz-a-balls!  Whole wheat wrap with roasted red pepper hummus, the other half of the yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, the rest of the cucumber and spinach on the top — the picture was taken before I added the spinach because I wanted you to see the gorgeous veggies!

Around 12:45 my dear friend Kirsten brought me half a choco-doughnut! Does she know me, or what?

And after the kiddos were gone, the chairs were put up, and I began to tackle the giant pile of paperwork in front of me I had the last banana of the bunch with some almond butter.

Friday = Chinese from Lee’s Garden.  As per-ususal I got steamed broc. with steamed shrimp and garlic sauce.  Kellen asked me what “egg drop wonton soup” was.  I imagined that it was egg drop soup with wontons in it.  Well, it didn’t sound too good to him, but it had certainly peaked my interest.  So I had that too.

Fin. Happy weekend!


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