Longest Little Friday Ever!

I didn’t get to run, I didn’t get to to yoga, and I was at school until 7!!!!! OKAY!  Enough negativity — On to the food! (Don’t get too excited — there is LOTS of leftovers!)

B-to-the-fast: Yum-times with oats, chia seeds, PUMPKIN SPICE, crasins, and pumpkin seeds!  I even got fancy with the placement of all the toppings!

AAAAAND snack time — same old, same old — but always delish!  CLEMS!

OOOH leftovers for lunch!  Faux Pho — get it!  It’s lame — it’s the end of the week though, let’s let that one slide!

Oh almond butter I *heart* you so!  You are so filling and delicious!  I would be lying if I said I didn’t lick the foil this nut butter was in after I dipped my apples.

How about some more PHO!?! Minus the greens with it.  Kellen is in the background of the picture looking for something else to eat — the texture of the pho wasn’t a party in his mouth.  He had eggs!

Choc-to-the-choco milk!  I hadn’t had it in a while and I was feeling like I needed it at the end of A DAY!

The End!


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