SuperBowls Full of Chipies and Hummus!

It’s Superbowl time again!  I say that like I look forward to every year or something.  I don’t.  But we were invited to Sarah and David’s house to watch the game and we were excited to go!  Unfortunately I had a crazy amount of work to do at school (that I just could not face on Saturday).  So I was at work from 9-3:30 working on centers.  I packed a delicious lunch of oats, clementines, and a banana, and tomato soup.  BUUUUT, I forgot my camera.  Go Whitney.  Here’s what I do have:  B-fast and the Superbowl spread.

Breakfast was some choco shake shake shakeology!  I mix it in my blender with milk, 8 ice cubes, and Smucker’s Natural PB!  It’s crazy good — but gives me a killer chill.  Bring me the space heater!

And coffee to warm my frigid bones!

After this I had the leftovers of the homemade tomato soup I made yesterday.  It was still delicious.  Sadly, there is no picture.  Imagine a classy tupperware with a plastic spoon from a school cafeteria.

Then, it was Superbowl time!  We had bean dip, amazing hummus, Hawaiian rolls for mini sandwiches, delicious and fresh salsa, pita chips, juicy grapes, trail mix, aaaaaand, I think that’s all.  Here it is:

So to recap, Sunday was good.  I got a lot done at school, ate some great food, and spent time with some great friends!  Gooooo Sunday!


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