Best Day Of All Times!

I am not even kidding, folks!  This was a seriously great day.  My kiddos were great, it might snow tomorrow, aaaand, wow, it was just a great day.  It all started with a super bowl of baked pumpkin oats!  It had crasins, pumpkin seeds, chopped almonds, half of a mashed banana, and a spoonful of almond butter.

I really like how the oats sort of shrink away from the sides of the bowl like it’s really baked!

My first snack was a clem!  When do I not have fruit for first snack?

Okay, I was having such a good day, and had such good news to share with my teammates (about the snow and other things) that I warmed up my leftover chinese/pho and ran up to their rooms.  I when I came back to my room after lunch I remembered that I hadn’t taken a picture (where was my head!)  So unfortunately all you get are the tail ends of this lunch.  Please know that it had lots of broccoli and steamed carrots.

Can I just say, that yogurt is slowly but surely growing on me.  I have discovered that I have to have something mixed with it/dipped in it.  Today I put granola in my greek honey yogurt and dipped sweet, sweet apples into it.  Seriously great eats!

I was very stoked about this snack because I was thinking that it would give me plenty of energy for my run.  Turns out I came home, poured a glass of red wine (sorry, no pic of that either), and ran ….. a BATH! BOOM!  It was a good night.

The bean dip from last night’s Superbowl spread inspired me to make taco salad for dinner.  It was easy and fast.  I used lean ground turkey, spinach, green onions, avocado, tomato, romaine, and a few chips.  Oh, and cilantro — my favorite!

Whoa, that picture is much more blurry than I though!  Sorry, friends!

Hopefully I will have a snow day tomorrow where I can spend all my time watching trashy television on Bravo and reading all of your blogs!



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2 responses to “Best Day Of All Times!

  1. yum, I love taco salads! one of my favorite things, for sure.

    • Yes! They are quick and easy, and with only two people to eat them, we always have leftover taco turkey for wraps and more salads the next day! Thanks for commenting! Branappetit rocks! 🙂

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