Last Night Was Weird!

It was!  I was so hungry in the morning, if you’ll remember I had bran flakes AND shakeology at around 8:30.  Then I felt no need for a mid-morning snack (probably because I ate b-fast so late!) and went to lunch at noon (and wasn’t all that hungry then).  I had fries and a roasted veggie pita.  I would normally have an afternoon snack of something protein-y to ready myself for a workout — I wasn’t feeling hungry at all.  I actually started to wonder if my body was preparing itself for this 12-hour stomach bug that has been going around school.  So around 5:30 I ate a Ginger Snap LaraBar (I had to try one after reading THIS).  It was seriously awesome!  Here are the pictures of it:

Here is what I loved about this bar:  There are 5 ingredients (all of which I have heard of and can pronounce), this has no added sugar, 6 grams of fiber, it’s sodium free, and it counts as 1/2 a serving of fruit!

When I opened it and took a bite I could see the delicious almonds and pecans that were in it!  I could really taste the ginger, and the dates were delectable and sweet!

So here is why last night was weird:

About an hour after I ate this I was ready to workout — it was around 6:30.  I am notoriously bad about getting ready to workout — it takes me forever to get my act together.  I had planned on going my big gym, that I have to drive to, so I wouldn’t have to treadmill it up.  I walked outside to go to the car and BOOM, snowstorm!  The car was covered, the road was slick, and snow was blowing everywhere!

I re-vamped my plans and walked to our complex gym.  Once there I realized that none of the treadmills were working, nor was the stairclimber or the TVs.

Dear Apartment People,

If you are going to have a gym, please make sure there are re-inforced electrical outlets so that the fuse doesn’t blow when more than one person is working out.

Fondly,   Whitney

I did my workout on the elliptical.  1 Mile warm up, 2 miles with 6×1:00 intervals, 1 mile cool down.  I did not care for the elliptical.

Anyway, I got home and wasn’t hungry (I’m never hungry right after I workout).  I waited for the workout non-hungriness to pass and cleaned the whole house!  The hunger never came.  I showered, got into bed, watched some Man Vs. Food.  The hunger never came.  I woke up in the morning and BOOM the hunger was big, mean, and in a fighting mood!  You’ll see how I did battle when I post today’s eats!

Sorry for the epically long post.  It was a bit ramble-y and, no, I did not make an effort to edit myself.

Happy Snowy Wednesday!



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2 responses to “Last Night Was Weird!

  1. I get that way sometimes to. I always say, if I’m not hungry, just go with it 🙂

  2. Yes! I’m really trying to listen to my body — if I’m not hungry, why force it? Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

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