We Work In The Dark

Comment if you go to work in the dark!

I do!  But before I went I had my first ever OATS IN A JAR!  My almond butter was seriously on its last legs, so I had to do it!  Oats in a jar with almonds, cinnamon, and coconut milk.  I was excited for the coconut milk — ’twas delicious and I’ll probably add even more tomorrow!

Round abouts 9am I had first snack — clems, duh! But I also has Naked Green Machine! TWIST!  It was very good — I usually don’t go for juices like this…but it was sweet and awesome!

My lunch wrap was crazy good!  It had the following:

salsa, ground turkey, alfalfa sprouts, avacado, spinach, and bean dip. yum!

AAAAAnd last snack — what a punch before my run! Almond butter, banana, and granola!

After this I went to my gym to run 4 miles and to do sprints.  The first three miles were awesome — but I have to say the last mile was just a little tougher.  I used to be better at pacing myself.

Dear Self, Please learn how to pace. Love, Whitney

DINNER!  Leftovers, because I had to make some cupcakes for school tomorrow!  Pho with sweet chile sauce.  I think I almost ruined my stomach with these.  TOO MUCH SPICE! But I loved them anyway!

Happy Little Friday, Friends!



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2 responses to “We Work In The Dark

  1. Yay for oats in a jar! I just finished up a jar of nutella yesterday that is just beggin for some oats.

    Way to go on the run. If the last mile is the hardest, it shows you’re doing something right and pushing yourself!

  2. MMM Nutella oats…it makes me want to go buy a jar right now! Thanks for the encouragement about my run! I like it! Instead of thinking, “ahh, I’m so tired” I can think, “heck yes! I did this right!”

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