Okay, is that an overreaction? NOT AT ALL!  8 Miles is a big deal! 1 Mile is a big deal for some people!  It just depends on where you are in your training!

So GO YOU if you have decided to start running or walking, or if you have just decided to be more active! GO YOU!

The only thing is, my joints started aching ’round abouts the 6.5 mile mark — having not run distance like this since high school, I have to ask, will my body adjust to the distance or will I always have the achy joints?  Either way, I’m okay, I certainly did enjoy my post-run soak in Dr. Teal’s!  And I feel right as rain now! 🙂

B-fast was OIAJ — AGAIN! Except this time it was in my nearly-empty peanut butter jar.  Only I’m not a huge fan of peanut butter and oats.  I use peanut butter mostly in my Shakeology.

The Jar

The ingredients

This was a seriously large jar!  I needed a longer spoon!  I ended up with nut butter all over my fingers!  In case you can’t tell, there’s some almonds, cinnamon, crasins, and pumpkin seeds in there.  It was a good little breakfast full of fuel for my run!

After soaking it up after my run I heated up the last of the spaghetti squash with some fresh tomatoes and parmesan cheese.  YUM! (Plus it gets that big bowl out of the fridge!)  The heat from the squash fogged up my camera lens.  Hey squash and tomatoes, get a room!

AAAAAnd then I ate some Cheetos! Yay, care package!

Dinner will probably be leftover chinese!  I’ll post that later though 🙂

OOOOOkay, here’s the leftover dinner!  As always, steamed broc, carrots, and shrimp with white rice and garlic sauce! YUM!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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2 responses to “8 MILES! BOOM! GO ME! BEST OF ALL TIMES!

  1. Happy V Day and congrats on the 8 mile run! You are a champ!

  2. Thanks, Marisa! I hope you have a good Valentine’s too! 🙂

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