Hello Apple Crisp, I Haven’t Seen You Since College!

While buying groceries today (Mental *facepalm* — I totally meant to take some photos of the stuff we bought today!) I kept thinking about three apples that were still sitting, sadly, on the kitchen counter.  I came home and started to make apple crisp.

It was awesome!  I used this recipe!  Also, I love eatingwell.com it is amazing.

Here’s how it started:  Peeling and slicing apples — really thin!

This knife is amazing!  It’s Rachael Ray’s Furi — a wonderful gift from Kellen back in 2006.  Also, the Bud Light Golden Wheat is very nice.  It makes me think of summer!

I mixed the apple slices with cinnamon and sugar and baked them at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  In the mean time I whipped up the topping.  I mixed whole wheat flour, cinnamon, rolled oats, brown sugar, and then cut in some butter!

This was the flour I used — it was really whole wheat flour, rice flour, and a bunch of others all mixed together — good stuff!

The oats, and next comes to butter!

Here it is, all mixed up in my favorite bowl!

Then I added a little bit of oil to make it more crumbly.  I topped off the baked apples with this mixture and then popped it back in the oven for another 20 minutes.

It came out looking bubbly and delicious.

Of course I had to put some this with some vanilla ice cream.

It made for a great dessert!  I’m ready for some Extract and some snow!  Bring it Old Man Winter!


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