Short And Sweet

That’s what this post is going to be.

B-Fast — Carrot Cake Oats!  Here’s how you make them:  Find a carrot that needs to be eaten.  Grate it up (good arm workout!).  Put some cinnamon on it and nuke it for about 40 seconds.  In another bowl make your oats.  Put the carrots in the oats.  Then mash up half of a banana and add it to the mix.  Top with whatever you want (I added nutmeg, pumpkin seeds, and crasins!)

You can actually see the carrots!

First snack!  The other half of the banana from b-fast with peanut butter and Galaxy Granola!

And before I went to school I had a glass of Shakeology. I’ve been craving it lately!

I tried to calibrate my running do-hicky today.  I ran a known distance and then reported it on the site — it had said I had run about 1/3 more than I actually did!  FAIL!  Hopefully I fixed it! 🙂

Dinner post later — Greek chicken pitas!

Okay, it’s later!  And here are the Greek Pitas — well, greek wraps, as it were.

Here’s what you need:


lemon juice


fat free yogurt




red onion

garam masala

and the recipe!

It was yum times — plus, we had leftover chicken and cucumber/yogurt mixture!  Hello tomorrow’s salad!

Happy Wednesday-snowday, Friends!



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2 responses to “Short And Sweet

  1. That carrot cake oatmeal looks so good! Great idea.

  2. Thanks! I saw it on another blog! I wanted to link to it…but then couldn’t find the blog — it’s one that has this amazing “ode to oatmeal” page.

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