Closeup Picture Day!

Every picture I took today was super closeup!  Go me, trying to be artistic!  Here’s the b-fast round abouts 6am:  Chia-oats!  Oats with chia seeds, crasins, almonds and almond butter.

It’s 9am, time for first snack — oh wait, no it’s not!  You don’t have time to eat!

It’s 11:15 — Time for an amaza-balls salad!

The dressing you ask?  An amazing take on the dressing you get at japanese steakhouses in your starter salad!  This was made courtesy of Cashews and Hummus — Thanks, Lady!  She had miso —  I didn’t so here’s what was in it:

Into the blender went:

2 carrots

a bunch of ginger slices — I don’t know, maybe 1/8 cup?

rice wine vinegar — a couple glugs


It was awesome!  What was not so awesome was when the asian dressing mixed with the greek dressing on some parts of the salad (leftovers from last night’s greek wrap).

Around 12:30 I had the grapes I was supposed to have way back at 9am.

2:45 and all the kiddos are gone for the day.  Guess who’s about to eat her own hand — Whitney!  I had one piece of my portobello bbq quesadilla left from the other night which I made quick work of.

4:30 time to eat!  Banana and peanut butter.  I wish you could have seen me trying to tackle this thing!  As I’m putting on the nut butter the banana falls out of the peel all over my papers! EEEE It’s still a good banana!

I was at the gym by 6.  Here’s what I did:

1 mile on the indoor track then moved to the treadmill for two miles.  In those two miles I somehow managed to get in a hill workout.  My incline looked like this 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 1, 6, 1, 7 — evenly spaced throughout the two miles.  When I was on a 1 incline I did some 1:00min intervals.  Then I did another mile on the indoor track.  Then I did 5 gradual progressions a total of about 5 miles.  This was a great workout and I feel very accomplished! WOOHOO!

I came home and saw some sweet potatoes on the counter.  Hello sweet potato dinner.  I nuked the potatoes for 15 minutes.  While that was happening I put some chopped tomato and onion with a can of black beans on the stove.  To that I added 1/2 tsp of cumin, some cayenne pepper, and some chili powder, then I added a little salsa to that.  I only had a little sour cream to top these babies so I had to stretch it by adding some yogurt and some Laughing Cow original swiss triangles.  I topped mine with cilantro!  It was 8:00 🙂

Also, running does amazing things to your feet.  When I used to run I lost the same toenail 4 times — it’s permanently jacked up.  So now my feet are getting back into the running groove and I’ve got a stunna of a blister going on my big toe!  And I know this is only the beginning! 🙂

Happy Little Friday!



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4 responses to “Closeup Picture Day!

  1. Cara

    Thanks for the shout-out; your sweet potato looks awesome!!! Happy Friday!

  2. spikeandrox

    Hey, Whittums! Have the doctor look at that toe & its nail. She/he can recommend a specialist who knows how to deal w/ that nail so it will not be a problem in the future…. Have a great weekend! Love you!

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