This Post Is Going To Be Long — LIKE MY 10 MILE RUN!

Here is the story of my 10 mile run from yesterday — Saturday.  I woke up at six and needed to eat something that would stick with me through 10 miles.  OATS!  These oats were boring and the picture isn’t great either.  But they did the trick.

Cinnamon, almond butter, crasins, and pumpkin seeds.

By 7 I was out the door to pick up Kirsten and drive to our destination.  We were both nervous because we were running with a HUGE group of people — the Todd’s Road Stumblers — a 300 strong group of runners in the areas all training for various races.  But when we got there it was awesome — because we all know runners are the nicest people on earth! 🙂  We were running between a 10:30 and 11 minute mile which was great for us!

It was very cold but we stuck it out!  It felt so awesome to finish that amount of miles in one run without stopping or anything!  When we finished we started our tallies on the 500 mile club board.  We tally the miles that we run with the group on a big board.  When you get to 500 miles with the group you get a champagne toast, a shirt, and your name on a 500 miles roster!  Exciting stuff.

When I got home I HOUSED a peanut butter cookie Lara bar.

The moment I finished this I hopped into a tub full of Dr. Teal’s epsom salt.  By the way, the new shoes TOTALLY helped my achy joints!

While in the tub I noticed my purple toe!  Hello, old friend.  I’ve missed you!  You can’t see it too well, but trust me, it’s under there, just waiting to come out.  It’s the second toe.

Then I ate lunch.  Leftover Singapore Mei Fun.

Then I napped for 3 hours.  It turns out, 10 miles will really take it out of you!

I woke up hungry!  Go figure.  Half a whole wheat muffin with hummus later I was set.

Then it was time for Atomic Cafe!  This place is so good!  It always make me think of summer!  We had some homemade sweet potato chips — AND they told me how to make them at home without a deep fryer (it involving a wok and some oil!)

Then I ordered chicken and shrimp kabobs over couscous with asparagus and red and yellow bell peppers.  I put hot sauce and lime juice all over the whole thing!  Amazaballs!

OH yeah!  There were black beans too!  Here’s what it looked like after I dug in!

Before you say anything about my serving of asparagus left untouched — I boxed all of this up!  Unfortunately I LEFT IT ON THE TABLE! FAIL!!!!!  I was so looking forward to eating these leftovers.

What a good day!  Happy Sunday everyone!



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8 responses to “This Post Is Going To Be Long — LIKE MY 10 MILE RUN!

  1. spikeandrox

    I see Dad’s feet…lol…:-)

  2. HAHA! Are they that similar?

  3. The restaurant told you how to make their chips? I’m impressed! If you make them..put the recipe up 🙂

  4. Way to go on the 10 miler! That running group sounds fun, I love big groups like that. It makes the run go by so much faster…

  5. w00t on the run girl!!!! You rock. That food looked amaaaazing, but massive fail on leaving the leftovers…I haaaaaate it when I do that.

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