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Wednesday of Spring Break

I ate a passion fruit for the first time ever.  Here’s how it looked:

They are at the peek of perfection when they are brown and wrinkly.

I put it in my oats along with some flaked, un-sweetened coconut, strawberries, chia, and honey (because the passion fruit is pretty tangy).


More food to come!

And here it is!

Snack was cinnamon pears!

For lunch my parents and I drove down to Berea, where they went to college.  We went to a great little cafe called Main Street Cafe.  Yum times!  My dad got a greek pita, my mom got a burger, and I got a grilled veggie ciabatta bread sandwich.  I got a side of basil tomato soup to dip my sandwich in.

Let me tell you, the soup was seriously amazing.  The smell alone was so good I could cry.  CRY!

For dinner I made a yummy lemon and mushroom pasta!  I thought it was great, and scarfed it up!  But everyone else ate much slower, leading me to believe they didn’t like the tangy goodness as much as I did.  But I say it was fresh and delicious!

Oh man.  Tomorrow is Thursday!


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Where Have I Been?

I’ll tell you where, trying to get through the last few days of school before SPRING BREAK WHOO!

I also ran a half marathon.

And we drove to the Oheezy (that’s OH) to pick up a little black rescue poodle named Ziva for my parents.  Here she is playing with the Phyn-Star.


I had to prepare for a half marathon!  It all started this past Thursday.  I was paranoid about my eating thinking that if I ate the wrong thing my race would be effected.  So Thursday I really felt like chinese.  So that’s what we got.  Which meant that Friday we didn’t have chinese.  Kellen and I had no idea what we wanted.  Finally we decided on breakfast food.  What is better?  I submit that nothing makes a better dinner.

Hello Denny’s.  I got a make your own grand slam with whole wheat pancakes, bacon, hash browns and eggs.

Saturday morning was delicious with strawberry oats!  I just love my frozen strawberries!

I didn’t really get the other things I ate.  But we went to a cookout for dinner.  I had a burger with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, mustard, ketchup, and pepper jack cheese.  I also had some amazing broccoli salad made by yours truly, baked beans, and mac and cheese.  I made sure not to totally stuff myself and I drank and TON of water.

It must have paid off because my race was AMAZING!  Here’s some re-cap action for you.

It was 45 degrees and rainy, rainy, rainy.  Here’s how the day looked:

Here’s the good thing:  When I run in the rain I feel like I’m in a Nike commercial.  So, feeling like a total badass I crossed the finish line in record time!  2 hours and 6 minutes! WOOT!

With my medal of awesomeness!

Right after the race we drove to the Cleve.  My sister in law made delicious tacos for dinner.  Also, I don’t have a picture of that.  My bad.  THEN the next day (it’s Monday now) we went to Eat N’ Park for lunch.  I had a BA turkey sandwich full of flavor!

Since we ate lunch so late (like 3:30) on Monday we didn’t bother with dinner when we got home.  Plus we were pretty much dead tired.

NOW IT’S TUESDAY!  Mom and dad blogtastic came into town to pick up their new baby, Ziva!

I didn’t really take pictures of my food for the day so here’s a rundown.

B-FAST: Bran flakes.

LUNCH: Shakeology. MMM choco!

DINNER: Balsamic glazed onion, turkey, and cheddar quesadillas.  Yum!  And guess what — PICTURE!

And that was basically my whole weekend plus a few days on either side of it.  Whoa, Whitney, how about this week you do a better job blogging!

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It Was A Bee!

That’s what we made in class today with the things I talked about in this post!

Okay, Also, part of second snack was the Ho Ho part of this.

I wasn’t feeling like chewing breakfast this morning so I went with the shakeology.  This is seriously good stuff, friends. It’s full of good-for-you-stuff like goji berrys, wheatgrass, and spirulina.

First snack was the caviar of all veggies — red pepper strips!  These are so good, they are juicy and tasty.  I don’t care how many of my kiddos say they smell weird.

Lunch was more orzo (but it was the last of it!  You’ll see something new tomorrow!)  I added the caesar orzo to a lot of spinach.

Second snack (as I mentioned before) was the Ho Ho part of the bee and about two pieces of apple with cinnamon on it. Yum!  It tasted like a an apple pie.  But I was full from the Ho Ho so I didn’t finish my baggie of apples.

Dinner was eaten after a quick 2 miles run with 4 gradual pick-ups at the end.

I made whole wheat pasta with garlic and red pepper flakes.  After getting some garlic and pepper flakes in a pan with some olive oil I added some chopped tomatoes and spinach.  Very spicy but cooled a little by the grated parm I put on it.

Here’s the countdown:  2 Days until spring break!


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Small Batch Of Oats

Because the majority of my oat bran spilled out of the bowl when I was microwaving them. BOO!  But I mixed the remainder of them with strawberry preserves, cinnamon, chia, walnuts, and almond butter.

Here is the oat bran I’ve been eating.  I keep it in the freezer to keep it fresh!

First snack was a half an orange — too bad it was gross-times.  It didn’t have much flavor and was icky.  Like, old tasting — even though I just cut it up this morning!

Since the orange was nast. I ate these:

Yummy, sweet snow peas. Yes, please.

Lunch was ORZO!  But not orzo bake.  I made caesar orzo in a pan.  Here’s how you do it.  You put some water and chicken stock in a skillet.  Then add some orzo and cook it up.  Then add in some broccoli and red bell peppers.  Cap the whole thing with the skillet lid and let the veggies steam.  Then pour about 2 tablespoons of caesar dressing on it and mix it up. BOOM.  DONE.

I put this orzo on a bed of snow peas and lots of spinach.  I nuked the whole thing for 45 seconds in Angela’s microwave and it made for a delish lunch.

Second snack was eaten during a staff meeting after school.  Choco-almond butter with a banana and a green machine!  This choco-almond butter is amazing!

1. I got it at wal-mart!  Thank you for finally having good things in your store!

2. It was cheap!

Dinner was sort of a hodge-podge.  Kellen had orzo leftovers and I had Amy’s tomato soup.  I ate some of it then it got gross — or I became full.

3 days until spring break! WHOO!


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Oh man, if you were me you would have loved today too!  4 days until the break for spring!  B-Fast was EPIC!  Hello, I found frozen strawberries in the freezer this morning!  I nuked a few and chopped them up for my oats!  I added to that pumpkin seeds, almond butter, and chia!

Oh, and cinnamon.

Also, I wish I could share with you what I’m listening to right now…however that would mean converting the song to mp3 and I just don’t have the time or the patience with ECLIPSE waiting on the cushion beside me.

No first snack.  You’ll see it later this afternoon.

LUNCH.  People in the hall told me it smelled good. WIN.  ‘Twas a sandwich thin with mashed avocado and salsa, taco turkey, spinach and tomatoes.

I tried to open it up so you could see the inside .. but it wasn’t super.

After school I ate an apple.

Then an hour later I ate some orange pepper.

Then I had to pick up some things to make something for school tomorrow.  I got the following:

Yellow Frosting


Twizzler pull-and-peels

Twisty pretzels

Can you guess what we are making?

I also got a thing of macaroni salad. FAIL. I want to barf now because I ate a lot of it.  A lot.  Of it.

I don’t even what dinner — but I guess Kell does, so we’ll be making caesar chicken and broccoli risoto.

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Baked Potatoes and Such

I ate cereal, 5 guys, and baked potato today.  I’m going to go through my day’s eats like a crappy news reporter.

Here’s some bran flakes.

The people on the street are saying these are definitely brown and bran-y.  69% of the people we asked say they would eat these.

Lunch was a burger with the following on it:

mayo (yeah, so?  wanna fight about it?)








It was tall.  It was good.  There is no picture because I didn’t know we were going to be eating out 🙂 Yay surprises!

Dinner was a baked potato.  It had cheese and sour cream and vinegar. yum!

Yes.  That is a lot of sour cream. AND CHEESE!

Also, I have re-discovered my love of Twilight!  I love it all!  The poorly written books, the terribly-acted movies!  And yes, I just bought the whole soundtrack for ONE song.  I know, I know, why buy the whole album when you could just buy the one song?  No dice people, nearly every song is “album only”.  It doesn’t matter though because I love it!

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Saturday Run and Purple-Toe Fun!

Oh man, my toe is totally going to fall off.

Breakfast helped me prep for my 9 mile run.  I actually said to Kellen this morning, “I ONLY have to go 9 miles today!”  I was excited.  Only, my pacing was all off and I went TOO fast.  My average per-mile was 10:06.  It just wore me out and I didn’t feel good about the run.  I’m not blaming the breakfast though, only my poor pacing!

Oat bran, almond butter, chia, almonds, cinnamon, and peaches.

For lunch I had a piece of leftover pizza. Yum.

YES! It’s a recycled picture!

Get to the toe!  Despite Walter advising me against it, here I am, showing my toe, again.

NANANANA PURPLE TOE! happy saturday!

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