Hello Friday — And Leftover Pasta

My lunch today was great! I totally didn’t take a picture of it — but it was inside out lasagna.  It was definitely even better today than it was last night!  B-fast was great!  OATS!  I was so happy because my friend Lydia told me (via facebook) that I inspired her to put pumpkin seeds in her oats!  I’m so happy that people are getting good ideas from the blogtasticness of this blog!  Please know, though, that all my ideas are stolen from other fantastic bloggers!

BACK TO THE OATS! Chia – almond butter – walnuts – peaches —– and Strawberry-Rhubarb preserves!  I was a little worried about how this would taste since I had never had rhubarb before.  Turns out, it’s awesome!

I’m I crazy or is that picture a little fuzzy?  Here’s another one!  CLOSE UP OATS LOVE!

Peaches make me think of summer.  Dear Summer, come soon please.

First snack! (actually eaten at first snack time — 9:00)

And leftover din from last night….(imagine the picture)

Second snack (it’s 3:30)  The perfect sprig of grapes!  I feel like a god eating these the fancy Greek way!

Then at around 4:45 I dug into the snack cubbie.  Chex Mix, I loath thee.  You taste good at first, then you make my mouth feel gross.  Yet, I consume you anyway.  At least you are gone now. I bid you Adieu.

I notice, Chex Mix, that you have less fat than potato chips; however, I doubt that makes a difference when I eat the whole bag.

DINNER UPDATE COMING SOON! CHINESE! BUT I think we might go out for chinese, so you might get to see Friday night Chinese in a different setting. yay!

Time for dinner!  I had a spring roll, some white rice, some sushi, some general tso’s chicken, and some fake crab with weird cheese sauce.

I was very excited for this thing:

It was a strange little pocket full of seaweed!  However, the pocket portion of it was a little too sweet for my taste, plus there was rice under the seaweed that I didn’t care for.  It ended up looking like this:

Happy Friday, Friends!  I’m trying to get psyched up for my 11 miles tomorrow morning — I haven’t run all week and my motivation has been elusive this evening.  Hopefully I’ll track it down before tomorrow. 🙂


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One response to “Hello Friday — And Leftover Pasta

  1. spikeandrox

    You loved Grandma Burgess’ rhubarb pies…ssooo, you do have a history w/ rhubarb….and, actually we all loved her rh- pies… Love you…

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