11 Mile Saturday — Wait, Make That 12!

Yes, I woke up at 5:30 and had OATS to prepare for my 11 mile run with Kirsten at 7:00.  They were pretty simple.  Only mashed banana, almond butter, cinnamon, and strawberry-rhubarb preserves.

Then I had about a quarter cup of coffee, got ready and drove the 25 minutes out to the road where we were meeting.  So when I got there Kirsten isn’t there.  So I call several times and decide — well, maybe we were really meeting at 7:30, so I decided to wait until about 7:15 — still nobody had shown up.  So I call Kellen and get him to look up when we were meeting.  Yep, it was 7:00 — but NOT at the road I went to. HA!  So by the time I got back into town it was 7:35.

ANYWAY, I ended up running all the way across town!  It’s so cool to run in town to places that you know because you can think — “wow, in a car this would have taken me a while!”

So I ran out 5.5 miles to make my run 11 miles.  When I got back home I google-mapped my route and it was truly 12 miles!  ROCK!  I was running at around 10:15 pace! ROCK AGAIN!

Then I epsom salted it up and had second b-fast!  Spicy oats with an egg, some egg whites, salsa, hot sauce, and tomatoes! YUM!

Promptly followed by a 2.5 hour nap. YES PLEASE. Immediately followed up with leftover pasta lunch and a cup of oolong tea with agave nectar!

Hello mushroom.

We are seeing Shutter Island tonight.  I’m excited.  Dinner update later 🙂  Happy Saturday!!



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2 responses to “11 Mile Saturday — Wait, Make That 12!

  1. Way to rock 12 miles! Enjoy shutter island, I really liked it, but I think it was too much for the fiancé…

  2. Thanks! Oh no! The music was pretty intense 🙂

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