Saturday Dinner And Shutter Island Spoilers

Cakes made out of crab, tubouli, and brussels. yum.  We haven’t had a meal with three parts in a while!

Then we saw Shutter Island.  It was good, although in the commercial for it the reviews say, “What a twist!” or something like that — immediately you think (or at least I did), “Oh, so Leo’s character is actually crazy and belongs in the institution.”  And you’re right.  So I think it may have been a mistake putting that in the commercial for it.  But it was an exceptional movie!  While watching it you just think, “this is what movies should be like!”

When we got home from the movie it was around 10:30 and I was hungry — go figure.  Hello whole wheat english muffin with almond butter.

Also, it’s very dark in this picture.  I read an article that said low light helps put your body into sleepy mode.  So for all the people out there who have trouble sleeping — try dimming the lights in the house at night time.  If nothing else, it’s super relaxing!

Happy Saturday Night, Foodie Friends! 🙂


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