Friday From Forever Ago!

This post and the next one will be very short.  Also, on Saturday I ran 13 miles at 10:14 pace! ROCK!  FOOD:

Friday B-to-the-fast.  OIAJ!  These were great, but it wasn’t actually oats…it was wheat bran, smooth and delicious mixed with the leftover almond butter, chia seeds, almonds, and goji berries 🙂 crazy good!

Here’s the jar.

Here’s the wheat bran.

First snack! Larabar.  Yes, I opened this on the way into school and fed part of it to ducks.  I’m just hoping neither had a nut allergy.

Sorry for the blurry picture.

Lunch, like you haven’t seen it before.

So I still had conferences on Friday (until 7!) and look how light it was when I left!  PLUS daylight savings over the weekend! Holy moly!

AAAAnd Friday dinner!  Chinese!  Broccoli, white rice and garlic sauce 🙂

Wow, all my pictures are blurry.  It was a long day, please just give it to me 🙂

Happy Friday and weekend!


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