I Think I’m Going To Barf

Because I just drank some choco milk waaay too fast.  Such is my life.  Oh god, it’s so bad I might not be able to finish this post.  Breakfast was good old fashioned oats:  They had pumpkin butter, almond butter, almonds, chia seeds, cinnamon and crasins. wOOt.

Also, we had no bowls, so it’s in a baking dish.

The choco milk tummy ache is not getting better.

I had snap peas for first snack.  They were sweet and good.  Also, I had some M&Ms, they were good at the time; however, thinking about them now and the film on my teeth I think I might upchuck – yeah, I said it!  When was the last you heard someone say that!?

Lunch was orzo.  I won’t even bother with a picture.  Please don’t give up on this blog!  You have sweet potatoes to look forward to in lunch tomorrow!  NO MORE ORZO!

Second snack! Apples, peanut butter, and Galaxy Granola! YUM TIMES!

Also, the choco milk hangover tummy ache is subsiding, but I will need to lay down soon.

Here’s how talk about dinner went:

Kellen:  What are we having for dinner?

Me: Polenta!

Kellen: That cheese stick looking thing?

Me: What!? NO!  Well yes, that’s what it looks like, but it’s good!  Polenta and marinara sauce.

Kellen:  Will it be filling?

Me: YES!

Kellen:  *gives me a very skeptical look*

Me: What else would you want?  Tacos? Spaghetti?

Kellen: Spaghetti? No.

Me: What do you want? Pizza?


Me: Okay, pizza.

I’m not sure the awesomeness of this conversation carries over the internet, but it was awesome.

TIME FOR A TOE UPDATE!  Really, in pictures the toe doesn’t look that bad.  But in real life it’s totally turning purple!  Also, on my left foot the middle toe has a crazy blister that is killing me.  So I poked it with a pin.  It feels slightly better. Go me.

Happy Tuesday!  Yay for four-day weeks! 🙂



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3 responses to “I Think I’m Going To Barf

  1. Spike and Rox

    Did you know that you can buy socks that help make your feet blister-proof? I saw them at Walmart today. Also, there are little tubes you can buy to put on your toes to relieve pressure from shoes, etc. They can usually be found in the foot section wherever Dr. Scholl’s type things are located. Did you drink that choco milk on an empty stomach? Drinking it too fast & with no carbs in tummy will definitely lead to “barfication.” Keep TV dinners for days when you don’t feel like cooking…tell K to get a grip…on a pan handle and start cooking….LOL Hope you feel better….

  2. Spike and Rox

    Totally daddy-feet!!;-)

  3. Spike and Rox


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