Ahh, Sleep-In Friday!

Yes, I slept in until 7:30 yesterday.  ‘Twas glorious!  I leisurely made myself a bowl of bran flakes.  I hadn’t had cereal in forever!

No need for first snack — I wasn’t all that hungry.  Probably because I woke up 2.5 hours later than I usually do.  Lunch was great though!  I mashed up some avocado with some fresh salsa to make a guac – topping for my croissantwich.  Then I topped it with leftover turkey from the taco salad from the other night, some tomatoes and spinach.  It was great!

Here it is all stacked up.

Yikes, that’s some bad lighting.

No second snack.  But I did go into work for about 5 hours. Go me.

We didn’t really feel like chinese!  SHOCK!  We always have chinese on Friday.  We went to Cheddar’s instead.  This place is great!  Yummy food and super cheap prices!  There is ALWAYS a wait though.  We had about 30 minutes before we were seated, so we grabbed some drinks and sat out on the patio.

The hansom hubs.

And the food.  I have been thinking about bloomin’ onions lately so we ordered onion rings!

Oh man these were good.  Then I ordered what I always get at Cheddar’s, the oriental chicken and shrimp salad.  The dressing is amazing and I don’t know how they make the chicken and shrimp on the top, but they are just great!

That croissant you see on the side is amazing.  It’s smothered in honey butter.  Oh man, happy Friday!


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