Thursday Was The Last Day Of The Week! YES!

I was so excited for Thursday because it was my last day of the week with kiddies!  Breakfast was oat bran with strawberry preserves, chia seed goodness, peaches, pumpkin seeds, and the ever-present almond butter.

First snack was an attempt to use up a green pepper that was quickly fading.  Straight up veggies — bell pepper strips and cherry tomatoes.  I love cherry tomatoes. LOVE!

Lunch was a leftover crab cake on a bed of wilted spinach, carrots, and green peppers.  Crazy good.  How do I wilt spinach at work?  45 seconds in the microwave, my friends.  Easy-peezy.

I don’t even think I ate second snack.  I pretty much just left school straight after a conference that finished up at 3:45.  Good times.

I also don’t have pictures of dinner.  But we had green beans and limas as a side for pan-fried polenta with marinara sauce and moz cheese.  It was okay.  Kellen really liked it though 🙂


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