Baked Potatoes and Such

I ate cereal, 5 guys, and baked potato today.  I’m going to go through my day’s eats like a crappy news reporter.

Here’s some bran flakes.

The people on the street are saying these are definitely brown and bran-y.  69% of the people we asked say they would eat these.

Lunch was a burger with the following on it:

mayo (yeah, so?  wanna fight about it?)








It was tall.  It was good.  There is no picture because I didn’t know we were going to be eating out 🙂 Yay surprises!

Dinner was a baked potato.  It had cheese and sour cream and vinegar. yum!

Yes.  That is a lot of sour cream. AND CHEESE!

Also, I have re-discovered my love of Twilight!  I love it all!  The poorly written books, the terribly-acted movies!  And yes, I just bought the whole soundtrack for ONE song.  I know, I know, why buy the whole album when you could just buy the one song?  No dice people, nearly every song is “album only”.  It doesn’t matter though because I love it!


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  1. Spike and Rox

    I have just found a bunch of old 45s from the 70s & 80s, even madonna, while “going through stuff” in the basement. I have no idea from where they came…

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