It Was A Bee!

That’s what we made in class today with the things I talked about in this post!

Okay, Also, part of second snack was the Ho Ho part of this.

I wasn’t feeling like chewing breakfast this morning so I went with the shakeology.  This is seriously good stuff, friends. It’s full of good-for-you-stuff like goji berrys, wheatgrass, and spirulina.

First snack was the caviar of all veggies — red pepper strips!  These are so good, they are juicy and tasty.  I don’t care how many of my kiddos say they smell weird.

Lunch was more orzo (but it was the last of it!  You’ll see something new tomorrow!)  I added the caesar orzo to a lot of spinach.

Second snack (as I mentioned before) was the Ho Ho part of the bee and about two pieces of apple with cinnamon on it. Yum!  It tasted like a an apple pie.  But I was full from the Ho Ho so I didn’t finish my baggie of apples.

Dinner was eaten after a quick 2 miles run with 4 gradual pick-ups at the end.

I made whole wheat pasta with garlic and red pepper flakes.  After getting some garlic and pepper flakes in a pan with some olive oil I added some chopped tomatoes and spinach.  Very spicy but cooled a little by the grated parm I put on it.

Here’s the countdown:  2 Days until spring break!



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2 responses to “It Was A Bee!

  1. You solved my dinner dilema 🙂 I am so hungry right now, sitting at work, looking at a few blogs for inspiration. Pasta, garlic, red chili and some parm, YUM!

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