Wednesday of Spring Break

I ate a passion fruit for the first time ever.  Here’s how it looked:

They are at the peek of perfection when they are brown and wrinkly.

I put it in my oats along with some flaked, un-sweetened coconut, strawberries, chia, and honey (because the passion fruit is pretty tangy).


More food to come!

And here it is!

Snack was cinnamon pears!

For lunch my parents and I drove down to Berea, where they went to college.  We went to a great little cafe called Main Street Cafe.  Yum times!  My dad got a greek pita, my mom got a burger, and I got a grilled veggie ciabatta bread sandwich.  I got a side of basil tomato soup to dip my sandwich in.

Let me tell you, the soup was seriously amazing.  The smell alone was so good I could cry.  CRY!

For dinner I made a yummy lemon and mushroom pasta!  I thought it was great, and scarfed it up!  But everyone else ate much slower, leading me to believe they didn’t like the tangy goodness as much as I did.  But I say it was fresh and delicious!

Oh man.  Tomorrow is Thursday!


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One response to “Wednesday of Spring Break

  1. Spike and Rox

    We ate slowly because we wanted to enjoy the savory goodness…loved the lemony flavor! You, my dear, are a wonderful chef! Love you!

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