Where Have I Been?

I’ll tell you where, trying to get through the last few days of school before SPRING BREAK WHOO!

I also ran a half marathon.

And we drove to the Oheezy (that’s OH) to pick up a little black rescue poodle named Ziva for my parents.  Here she is playing with the Phyn-Star.


I had to prepare for a half marathon!  It all started this past Thursday.  I was paranoid about my eating thinking that if I ate the wrong thing my race would be effected.  So Thursday I really felt like chinese.  So that’s what we got.  Which meant that Friday we didn’t have chinese.  Kellen and I had no idea what we wanted.  Finally we decided on breakfast food.  What is better?  I submit that nothing makes a better dinner.

Hello Denny’s.  I got a make your own grand slam with whole wheat pancakes, bacon, hash browns and eggs.

Saturday morning was delicious with strawberry oats!  I just love my frozen strawberries!

I didn’t really get the other things I ate.  But we went to a cookout for dinner.  I had a burger with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, mustard, ketchup, and pepper jack cheese.  I also had some amazing broccoli salad made by yours truly, baked beans, and mac and cheese.  I made sure not to totally stuff myself and I drank and TON of water.

It must have paid off because my race was AMAZING!  Here’s some re-cap action for you.

It was 45 degrees and rainy, rainy, rainy.  Here’s how the day looked:

Here’s the good thing:  When I run in the rain I feel like I’m in a Nike commercial.  So, feeling like a total badass I crossed the finish line in record time!  2 hours and 6 minutes! WOOT!

With my medal of awesomeness!

Right after the race we drove to the Cleve.  My sister in law made delicious tacos for dinner.  Also, I don’t have a picture of that.  My bad.  THEN the next day (it’s Monday now) we went to Eat N’ Park for lunch.  I had a BA turkey sandwich full of flavor!

Since we ate lunch so late (like 3:30) on Monday we didn’t bother with dinner when we got home.  Plus we were pretty much dead tired.

NOW IT’S TUESDAY!  Mom and dad blogtastic came into town to pick up their new baby, Ziva!

I didn’t really take pictures of my food for the day so here’s a rundown.

B-FAST: Bran flakes.

LUNCH: Shakeology. MMM choco!

DINNER: Balsamic glazed onion, turkey, and cheddar quesadillas.  Yum!  And guess what — PICTURE!

And that was basically my whole weekend plus a few days on either side of it.  Whoa, Whitney, how about this week you do a better job blogging!


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