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Oh Thursday, You Didn’t Disappoint Me

Little Fridays are great because they are the day before Friday.  Duh.  But many things happened today that made it great.

  1. My kiddos were exceptionally good.
  2. I had MAP testing this afternoon, since the kiddies heart the computer lab, I do too.
  3. I got all my centers done for next week! BOOM!  I have not done this ONCE this year.  Coincidentally, I think it’s the last time I will re-do my centers this year.  Go me, getting it done the way it should have been all year…on the very last try.
  4. I got all my planning done for next week.  Written up in the plan book and everything.

Also, my breakfast looked like dessert!  Oats with goji berries, strawberries, almond butter, walnuts, flax, and chia.

First snack was a green pepper.  The whole darn thing.

My lunch was not of this world!  It was so good!  As it turns out, the lobster and crab ravioli only gets better with age — is that gross, since it’s seafood?  I put it in some tupperware with spinach and pesto.


Post mix + nuked:

Whoa.  They have stripes.

I was dying for second snack by the time 3pm rolled around.  I had a choco slug on a banana.

C’mon, it looks a little like a slug?  Right?  It’s really choco almond butter!

My dinner was leftovers because Kellen had a soccer game tonight.  I basically just did what I always do for lunch:  Mix a leftover with spinach and heat.

Tonight it was leftover bowtie pasta with red pepper flakes, red bell peppers, tomatoes, and kalamata olives (that’s what Kellen ate last night, since he’s not a seafood fan) and spinach with fresh tomato on top.

I am very exited for this weekend, as I will not be needed to shlep it into school 🙂  Happy Little Friday, Friends!


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Two Reviews!

I had two new things today.  The first was Vita Coco Water.  I was excited to try this after my run because I had heard that it was very good.  It’s also a natural sport drink — full of electrolytes and whatnot.

The unfortunate thing is that it tastes too sweet for me.  The first two words that popped into my head upon drinking it were, “nasty crap”.  Sorry Vita Coco Water people, I just don’t like it.

Here’s the second, and more amazing review.  The elusive choco bacon bar.  You heard me right.  Chocolate + Bacon = nom nom nom

It’s true, sweet and salty make the ultimate party for your taste buds.  The first taste I was still trying to wrap my head around this bizzaro-combination.  My second bite left me speechless with a huge smile plastered across my face.  The salt and the sweet is just so bananas good!  It’s almost impossible to describe.  On the back of the package the maker briefly describes how she came to this combination.  She describes the idea of bacon with chocolate “haunting [her] thoughts” until she made it a reality.  C’mon, give this bar a try!  It’s bacon, it’s chocolate, it can’t be bad!

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I Have A Big Announcement!

No, it’s not a giveaway.  I don’t even know how people get those!

I RAN!  BOOM!  Here I am, excited for a nice day to hit the road!

I ran an amazing 3 miles and then did some outside yoga!  Holy Hannah I’m glad I started up again.  I just hope that the weather stays nice so I don’t puss out again and stop running.

Breakfast was delicious.  I had oat bran with

  • strawberries
  • almond butter
  • chia seeds
  • almonds

First snack was mystery fruit!  Also, I found out what it was!  “Champagne Mango”!  Fancy, no?  I really like this fruit.

Check out my thumb nail in that picture!  Grip much, Whitney?  It’s not like your champagne mango is trying to escape!  Loosen up!

I only remembered to take a picture of lunch after I had eaten the majority of it.  Chili with spinach, duh.

I was starving by the end of school!  Gimme that banana and nut butter!  The nut butter of choice today was of the peanut variety.

After this snack and went downtown to run some errands then came home to run.  I also tried some coco water.  I’ll do another post with a review.  Here’s a hint, it will take be about two words to sum it up.

Then I made dinner.  I was excited because I went to Fresh Market today to peruse the merch.  This place is pretty neat.  They have all this bulk candy, trail mixes, and dried fruit.  It’s pretty neat, although expensive.

ANYWAY, whilst there I found this:

Why wouldn’t I want decadent crab and lobster ravioli on a Wednesday night?  Also, it was striped!  Red and yellow!  Here’s the one-sided conversation that the high-as-a-kite bag boy had with himself.

Bag Boy: (talking extremely slowly) whoa. Did you see these? (He stares at the package). They are striped. (long pause) Striped.

Lady Ringing Me Up: Yeah I know. (quickly goes back to ringing up, as though she deals with his epiphanies all day long).

I have to give it to the bag boy though, the stripes are awesome.

The taste was okay.  I put pesto on these, although I feel like they would have been better with some sort of lobstery cream sauce.

I also had some Sam Adams Summer Ale.  Which, sadly, after one has made typing up this post harder than I would like.

This beer is impressively delicious.  It’s not bitter, and it’s summery.  That’s all I need.

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Breakfast For Dinner!

We almost had leftover chili for dinner, but then I had a stroke of genius and we had farm-fresh eggs — you guessed it, from the farmer’s market!

Mine had tomatoes, swiss cheese, and hot sauce on them.  I also had a sandwich thin with almond butter and strawberries.  Seriously delish!

Good times.  Also, my days have been good lately.  Go me!

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Shower Yoga

I have an inspired idea.  And please, if somebody has heard of this…please let me know.


They have hot yoga.  They have naked yoga.  Can we please give shower yoga a try.  I want to do yoga in a place that has hot water cascading from the ceiling, with a nice, grippy floor, and with calming music playing.

Comment if you love SHOWER YOGA!

Watch, I’m going to get like, 3 comments, max.


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Fruit: $1

This is what the sign read at Wal Mart the other day.  So I walk over to see what the fruit is.  There were these little kidney-shaped yellowish, softish fruits.  I looked all around to see what kind of fruit it was yet there was nothing to indicate what it was.  My only clues were that they had stickers on them that said, “London” and “Product of Mexico”.  Oh, fruits, you have so many places listed on you!  My best guess was that they were mini mangos. Do such things exits?  You’ll see the insides of this fruit for first snack.  Please let me know if you recognize the fruit.

B-fast was ugly shakeology.  It tastes so good, but looks so bow-ring!

MYSTERY FRUIT for first snack!

It had a pit type thing in the middle and smelled like a cross between a pumpkin and a cantaloupe.  Thoughts?

My lunch was extraordinary.  You know I always mix leftovers with spinach to make lunch.  Today I mixed chili with spinach and warmed it up.  Then I added the tour d’ force, GRAPEFRUIT!

I’m pretty sure that adding grapefruit to any salad makes it incredible.


Post mix.

Grapefruit amazingness!

Second snack was inhaled after school.  I didn’t a picture, but I had ants on a log.

Third snack came when I got home at 5.  Pumpkin bread from the farmer’s market!  Yes, I finished off the loaf.  Don’t pretend like you haven’t eaten a loaf of bread by yourself before.  We’ve all done it.

Hmmm, what to make for dinner?  I’m going to check out my google reader for some delicious-peration.  Get it?  It’s like inspiration…but I butchered it.


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Get A Room, Chili!

Really.  It’s very colorful.  So last night I made chili.  I’m going to go ahead and toot my own horn here.  My chili is bombastic.

Here it is stewing up.

This is really the easiest thing to make.  Here’s the ingredient list:  Put it all in a pot (after you brown up the meat).

  • lean meat of your choice (or leave it out!)
  • bell pepper
  • cumin
  • chili powder
  • jalapeno
  • onion
  • black beans
  • two tomatoes
  • a little water
  • mushrooms
  • garlic

That’s seriously it.  30 minutes and you’re done.

Whitney:  Chili Ingredients?! What are you doing?  Get a room, you’re steaming up the lens!  Plus, there’s like 9 on you in there!  C’mon, guys!

Here’s the final, and delicious, product with sour cream, lime juice, moz, and avocado:

That is a fair amount of sour cream right there.



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