This Day Was Gross

Yes, with a capital G.  I apologize in advance for all the gross I ate today — but I started out on the right foot — in fact, the day only went downhill after work.

Here’s my oat bran.  It always boils over the bowl in the microwave!  I added flax, almonds, almond butter, banana, and cinnamon to the mix.

UGH! Sorry, I just feel like I’m going to barf after the dinner I just ate!  I’m not going to lie though, it tasted delicious!

First snack were some amazing little carob, sunflower seed, apricot energy things from Whole Foods.  They are very wonderful!

Lunch was a vegetarian reuben wrap!  It was crazy yummy!

Snack was eaten quickly at around 3pm.  It was a bruised up banana.

Here’s where my eats start to get a little sketchy.  I got home at around 4:45 and was hungry again — I don’t know why.  I’ve had a week off from running and haven’t been doing anything that is super active.  ANYWAY I had some of my dad’s cornbread in the fridge.  So I went with cornbread and honey.  Very good.

Okay, to preface — my allergies have started to kick in.  My eyes and nose are itchy and I needed some allevert to alleviate my symptoms.  We also needed plastic baggies and foil.

Long story short, Meijer is right next to Culver’s.  And as Kellen knows, if I’m within a mile radius of Culver’s, I must go to there.

So here’s the damage:

Holy cow, I feel like crap right now!

It is Monday!


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One response to “This Day Was Gross

  1. spikeandrox

    Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day
    Monday, Monday couldn’t guarantee, sometimes it just turns out that way!
    Oh, Monday morning, you gave me no warning of
    was to be……..(Mamas & Papas)

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