Thursday Food!

I’m doing this post so after-the-fact I barely remember what I ate — good thing I took pictures.

OH YEAH!  Breakfast was amazing!  I made my first breakfast cookie!  It was seriously awesome!  I learned how to make it via the Fitnessita!

I made mine by mooshing up a banana, adding some chia, almond butter, choco shakeology, a little milk, a pinch of sea salt, and some oats together and then spreading it on a plate.  I left it in the fridge overnight and it was amazing in the morning.  It’s supposed to be like a cookie the next day — as in, you can sort of pick it up to eat it — but mine was not really that consistency, so I ate it with a fork and some strawberries on top.  It was seriously good eats!

I continued the strawberry streak with first snack — STRAWBERRIES!

Here’s what’s awesome.  After the strawberry fraction lesson my kids have all been bringing strawberries for snack and lunch.  They always show me their baggies full of strawberries and are proud that they are eating something healthy.  I hope that they are going home and saying, “I ate something healthy and yummy today!  Can we get some at the store?”  It makes me happy, because instead of a fruit roll-up they are bring real fruit!

Lunch was a yummy balsamic salad with asparagus, spinach, and some leftover pasta from a couple nights ago.  It was good.

I think I want to start taking salads a la Hungry Hungry Hippie, but I’m going to have to plan a little better.  And probably start making lunch in the evenings again.

Second snack was ANTS ON A LOG! Boom.

Kellen wasn’t home for dinner so I just finished off the rest of the pasta with some Newman’s Italian Dressing.

Oh man, tomorrow is Friday, and we have a field trip!  Wahoo!


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