Happy Chinese Food Saturday!

This Saturday was our Friday because we ordered chinese tonight!

So with running:  I haven’t really run since my half marathon — I did a little this past week but my right hamstring was seriously tight!  I did some massive stretching and lots of soaks with Dr. Teal and I’m feeling much better.  SO Monday I’m ready to roll again with a new training plan!  So check it out with the tab up top 🙂

SATURDAY FOOD!  Breakfast was yummy bran flakes!

Sometimes you just want cereal!

I went to buy a new book at the mall yesterday that I have read good things about.  It’s called Veganomicon.  It’s not because I’m going vegan or anything — thank you lady from Joseph Beth who laughed at me.  I’m just using it for all sorts of ideas 🙂  There are great recipes for baked goods — lots of soy and gluten free-stuff if you’re interested in that.  And if you didn’t want something meat-free you can always sub back in meat for tofu or whatever!  I’m excited about it 🙂

ANYWAY while I was out I got some pasta salad and chicken salad sandwiches for lunch.  They were great!  And we all know how much I love pasta salad from Wal Mart.

Yikes, sorry for the blurriness.  I saw some totally amazing cameras at Best Buy.  It was like, no matter what you took a picture of it looked amazing!  Crazy.

So then later at night — around 8:30 — whoa, I know, late, right?  We ordered chinese!  I have sort of gone off the map for the last few times we’ve gotten chinese — but I was back to my old standby.  I got steamed broc with white rice and garlic sauce and an egg roll! YUM TIMES!

I also had a glass of Veritas Virginia Red Table Wine.  It was in our Easter basket from my mom and dad a week ago!  Good times!  Phyn likes the look of my wine — back off, Phyn.  Don’t you know you’re a dog!?

Tomorrow is laundry Sunday!


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