Spring Clean Out: Kitchen Style!

Our kitchen has been a wreck.  The veg is everywhere in bags, the shelves are full of really old stuff, and as a result we always buy things we already have.  So we cleaned it out and re-thought our kitchen arrangement.

What was before a massive pit of vegetable bags is now a beautiful fruit stand!  Thanks to my cousin Carrie for the tart trays!

That thing on top is a plantain — yeah, we have big plans to fry that baby up for some sweet, sweet dessert!

Above the veg is my baking cabinet.  What was formally full of a shelf-full of tea and literally 6 boxes of hot chocolate is now neatly organized into a breakfast shelf, a baking shelf, and then stuff that I don’t ever use shelf (that’s the highest shelf, the one that I can’t reach).

Next comes the messy, messy pantry.  This used to be full of 6 year old saltines.  Now, I can see everything that is in here!

We also have a new place for the bread!  It’s on a rolling shelf that we got a while ago with the intension to put bread and canned goods on it.  However, we just got around to doing it.

The top is bread and the bottom is canned stuffs.  Lots and lots of canned stuffs.

The hope is that the new organization will cut down on the times I say, “there is nothing to eat”.  It should also cut down on the times I say, “yes, we do need another can of black beans”.  Finally, it should save us some money!

Go spring clean ups!


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One response to “Spring Clean Out: Kitchen Style!

  1. spikeandrox

    You can put a little cover down the ‘front’ of the cart & cover whatever is on the lower shelves, if you are interested in aesthetic appeal….using the cart for storage is a good idea…

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