Worst Day Ever? Close…Close…

Yes, it was a rough day.  And, as rough days often do, the morning started out great — it was only in the last two hours that things started to go downhill.  I won’t go into details…but *le sigh* I think I’m just tired of this day.  Oh man, I just keep repeating the mantra…37 days, 37 days… Then tomorrow my day might be better, what with all the warm weather and what not…

Okay, enough!

TO THE FOOD!  Yummy berry oats with almond butter.  They had raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries.

My first snack was a good one.  I ate a kiwi.  But I ate some of the skin.  This is something I didn’t know you could do, but I figured, meh.  Then I ate some almonds.

After I ate the one bite with the skin I squeezed out the inside like a baked potato.  ‘Twas delish!

My lunch was the last of the steamed broc and garlic sauce from Saturday Chinese.

Yes, it’s a recycled picture!  I’m a friend of the earth!

I had a two hour meeting right after school so I ate second snack at around 5pm.  Banana with choco-almond butter!  YUM TIMES!

When I came home I started to go for a run and then started thinking about the events of the day, got all sorts of bent out of shape, and then went downstairs to sulk.  I made myself a neat little drink with pom-mango juice and seltzer water that we found whilst cleaning out the pantry.

It was delightful!

I was supposed to make yucca tortillas.  But I couldn’t find any yucca.  So I made chicken rice and chili chicken, on a bed of lemony wilted spinach with tomatoes on top.  It turned out pretty well 🙂

Dear school, please be kinder to me tomorrow than you were today.

Dear whitney, please remember that a bad day does not a bad life make.  You will be fine.



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2 responses to “Worst Day Ever? Close…Close…

  1. spikeandrox

    Bad days at work can very often ruin your personal life, if you let it. Unfortunately I did just that all too often. Try to give yourself some “calming, decompressing” time between school and home or other activities. I used to like long drives between work and home because it gave me that necessary time to decompress quite a bit. Hope the rest of the week is better. Love you.

  2. Thanks, mom! I love you too!

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