I Really Liked My Food Today — I’m Proud Of Me!

I feel like I’m finally back to my good eating habits.  Didn’t I say that sometimes it’s a long road back to eating healthy after you’ve had some bad days — well, it’s taken me around a week and a half to feel back to normal.  BUT I’M BACK!

Breakfast, as I promised yesterday, was more sandwich thins with fruit!

I love that wheat bread it a little bit sweet — who’s with me?  Wheat bread is totally sweet!

My wheat bread had strawberry preserves and bananas on it.  Then I added some apple I had leftover from yesterday.  Plus a VERY healthy spoonful (or two) of PB!

First snack was strawberries! These are honestly the best looking berries I have ever seen!

For lunch I made a killer wrap with the leftovers from last night’s tortillas.  I shmeared the wrap with sour cream first and added lots of spinach and topped it with some cilantro.

My arty-fartsy shots don’t look too hot with the camera makes them all weird and line-y.

Second snack was half of a banana and some pirate’s booty! If you haven’t had this stuff you should try it!  Here’s why:

  1. It tastes like cheetos — but way more fresher. Yeah, I threw down some Kanye
  2. Check out the ingredient list!  I can read everything!

Here’s the bag, so you know what to look for when you go to the store for yours!

When I came home I ate a tub of nutella.  Okay, not just when I got home, it was over a period of three days.  But still, I think I have a problem.

For dinner I will be hacking into a pineapple!  HUZZAH!


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