Quickest Post Ever

B-Fast was great! Fancy coffee with oatmeal.  My oats had something new in them:  ALMOND MILK.  So did my coffee.  It was yummy.  I didn’t notice much of a flavor difference in my oats or my coffee.  That’s a win to me!  My oats also had:

  • Flax seed
  • coconut
  • pineapple
  • almond butter
  • cinnamon
  • strawberries

That’s a lot now that I write it all out!

I loved first snack.  Cantaloupe!  Seriously, I love this mellon!

My lunch was pretty yummy.  I used the insides of the tortilla from Tuesday night and added it to some spinach and some grapefruit and ranch dressing.  I thought the grapefruit might be weird, but as it turns out, if you add grapefruit to salad it’s awesome.

*SIDE NOTE* I just had to mute the Real Housewives of New York — even thought I love them because the argument between Bethanny and Jill is stressful to me.  You know it’s been a long week when even the housewives are too much for me.  Because I love them.  Also — TEAM BETHANNY!

Here’s the salad:

Second snack was choco-almond butter banaynay — yes, I just called it that.


It’s spicy, avocado-y, ginger-y, and rice-y.

Also, I bought some rice dreams ice cream — review to come later.  Right now, I’m leaving you.

Also, TGIFF!


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