Homemade Hotdogs and Fries!

Hmm, I did not have the most healthy evening.  After the farmer’s market I ate some Pirate’s Booty while doing laundry.

There wasn’t much left, so I just finished off the bag 😉

Then I made dinner.  I cut up some potatoes for fries and baked them up at 400 for 16 minutes (flipping them halfway through).  I put cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, and paprika on them.  YUM!

Then I grilled up two of the hotdogs we bought today.  They were seriously awesome.  Mine had mustard, ketchup (yes, I’m 8, I eat ketchup on my hotdogs), relish, and homemade sour kraut.  Amazaballs!

We finally got around to frying up the plantain we bought last weekend.  I put brown sugar on one side of each slice to make a nice sugary shell.  But, sadly, I didn’t like the taste of the plantains.  They sort of tasted like banana runts.  The good news was, I also had a piece of pumpkin, choco-chip bread on my plate — so that made up for the plantain fail.

Happy lazy Sunday!  Here’s hoping for a nice week.


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