I Think I Didn’t Pack Enough Food

Or maybe I was just pulled in by all the crap food in my classroom.  Well, it wasn’t really crap food — the skittles were — but the pretzels weren’t.

I had bran flakes with almond milk and cantaloupe for breakfast.  The almond milk is really growing on me!

First snack was a Naked Green Machine.  No picture — I’m not quite sure how I didn’t get one!

Lunch was leftover steamed broc with garlic sauce.  I didn’t get a chance to finish it during lunch, so I finished it up at the end of the day.

So since I was finishing lunch at the end of the day I didn’t eat my second snack which was cantaloupe and kiwi.  Instead I ate some pretzels and skittles.  I didn’t get pictures of either.  Although, my room neighbor, Angela, will tell you that I eat handfulls of skittles each day, but never take pictures of them!

Dinner was easy.  Grilled chicken with chili powder and lemon pepper on it.  Then I steamed up some broc and put some pesto and some laughing cow swiss with it and melted it all up. Added some tomatoes and put some parsley on mine.  It was shockingly delicious!  The rice was a packaged mix of dirty rice.

Kellen finished off my chicken.  I finished it all off with freshly-cut watermelon! wOOt!

Here’s an open letter to spring:

Dear Spring,

I loved when you brought us 80-degree temperatures.  You made me want to run, get things done around the house, and cook delicious food.  But your low-60s of this week has got me down.  The temperatures make me want to crawl into bed.  Please get warm again soon!

Love, Whitney


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