Jeff *Heart’s* Guys

Is what a postcard at 5 Guys said.

We have had a fairly gluttonous Saturday thus far.  Or at least that’s what I told Kellen whilst at 5 Guys.  I was buttering him up to take me to Dairy Queen for a 25 cent blizzard.

5 Guys is always epic.  My little hamburger had everything (lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, grilled mushrooms, ketchup, mayo) plus relish.

You know the paper bag only makes the fries taste that much better.

And then we waited in line for blizzards.  Only to find they didn’t have choco ice cream!  WHAT!?  Oh well, I just went with vanilla with m&ms and pecans. YUM.  Kellen had a cheese cake oreo blizzard.

Happy 25th birthday, Blizzard.  I like that you only cost us $0.25.

So right now Kellen, the Star, and I are all hunkered down waiting for tornados.  I think they won’t come, begs to differ.



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2 responses to “Jeff *Heart’s* Guys

  1. We are waiting for the twisters too.

    I think I may brave the alleged winds, for a .25 cent blizzard!!! ❤

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