Sorry About The Missing Posts!

I think I haven’t posted in a week.  And for no good reason!  I have been taking pictures of my food, but I just haven’t put them on the blogtastic blog; thus, making the blog much less blogtastic than the title suggests.

Here’s just a hodge podge of things I have eaten this week:

Some breakfasts.  Oatmeal, strawberries, cinnamon, goji berries, almond butter, and shakeology.

My snacks and lunches I photographed all together, perhaps out of the extreme laziness that epitomized this week (see my Training For The Full page).

Pineapple Keen-Wah (quinoa).  Keen-Wah is how I should pronounce it, but I still say “kinoah”.

This peach was totally gross.  It wasn’t juicy, it looked rotten on the inside, and was tough to bite into, despite feeling soft and smelling ripe.  I’m going to go ahead and blame Wal Mart here for putting their peaches in the refrigerator section instead of out in bins like they put apples in.  I also feel like I should partly blame myself for buying fruit that is absolutely not in season.

Here we have dirty rice with spinach and tomato.  There’s the tangerine that I ate a couple days after this picture was taken.

Somehow this was the only dinner I got this week.  Caesar orzo with red bell peppers and broccoli.

It’s very easy, you just make some orzo in some water and chicken stock (I just make mine in the pan that I’m cooking it in rather than making it in a pot).  Let the liquid cook out for the most part, add broccoli and peppers and put a lid over it to steam the veg.  Then add a couple tablespoons of caesar dressing.  Done.

Man, I promise I won’t be so lazy about posting next week.  I won’t promise that I’ll start running again.  I think I have developed a phobia of going out in cold weather to run.  And yes, I’m considering anything cooler than 70 degrees “cold weather”.  It’s completely illogical.  I’ll keep you posted if I ever start running again.


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