Fruit: $1

This is what the sign read at Wal Mart the other day.  So I walk over to see what the fruit is.  There were these little kidney-shaped yellowish, softish fruits.  I looked all around to see what kind of fruit it was yet there was nothing to indicate what it was.  My only clues were that they had stickers on them that said, “London” and “Product of Mexico”.  Oh, fruits, you have so many places listed on you!  My best guess was that they were mini mangos. Do such things exits?  You’ll see the insides of this fruit for first snack.  Please let me know if you recognize the fruit.

B-fast was ugly shakeology.  It tastes so good, but looks so bow-ring!

MYSTERY FRUIT for first snack!

It had a pit type thing in the middle and smelled like a cross between a pumpkin and a cantaloupe.  Thoughts?

My lunch was extraordinary.  You know I always mix leftovers with spinach to make lunch.  Today I mixed chili with spinach and warmed it up.  Then I added the tour d’ force, GRAPEFRUIT!

I’m pretty sure that adding grapefruit to any salad makes it incredible.


Post mix.

Grapefruit amazingness!

Second snack was inhaled after school.  I didn’t a picture, but I had ants on a log.

Third snack came when I got home at 5.  Pumpkin bread from the farmer’s market!  Yes, I finished off the loaf.  Don’t pretend like you haven’t eaten a loaf of bread by yourself before.  We’ve all done it.

Hmmm, what to make for dinner?  I’m going to check out my google reader for some delicious-peration.  Get it?  It’s like inspiration…but I butchered it.



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3 responses to “Fruit: $1

  1. spikeandrox

    I want to go to that farmers’ market because everything you get there always looks so good.

  2. spikeandrox

    The mystery fruit resembles nanchi or loquat.

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