I Have A Big Announcement!

No, it’s not a giveaway.  I don’t even know how people get those!

I RAN!  BOOM!  Here I am, excited for a nice day to hit the road!

I ran an amazing 3 miles and then did some outside yoga!  Holy Hannah I’m glad I started up again.  I just hope that the weather stays nice so I don’t puss out again and stop running.

Breakfast was delicious.  I had oat bran with

  • strawberries
  • almond butter
  • chia seeds
  • almonds

First snack was mystery fruit!  Also, I found out what it was!  “Champagne Mango”!  Fancy, no?  I really like this fruit.

Check out my thumb nail in that picture!  Grip much, Whitney?  It’s not like your champagne mango is trying to escape!  Loosen up!

I only remembered to take a picture of lunch after I had eaten the majority of it.  Chili with spinach, duh.

I was starving by the end of school!  Gimme that banana and nut butter!  The nut butter of choice today was of the peanut variety.

After this snack and went downtown to run some errands then came home to run.  I also tried some coco water.  I’ll do another post with a review.  Here’s a hint, it will take be about two words to sum it up.

Then I made dinner.  I was excited because I went to Fresh Market today to peruse the merch.  This place is pretty neat.  They have all this bulk candy, trail mixes, and dried fruit.  It’s pretty neat, although expensive.

ANYWAY, whilst there I found this:

Why wouldn’t I want decadent crab and lobster ravioli on a Wednesday night?  Also, it was striped!  Red and yellow!  Here’s the one-sided conversation that the high-as-a-kite bag boy had with himself.

Bag Boy: (talking extremely slowly) whoa. Did you see these? (He stares at the package). They are striped. (long pause) Striped.

Lady Ringing Me Up: Yeah I know. (quickly goes back to ringing up, as though she deals with his epiphanies all day long).

I have to give it to the bag boy though, the stripes are awesome.

The taste was okay.  I put pesto on these, although I feel like they would have been better with some sort of lobstery cream sauce.

I also had some Sam Adams Summer Ale.  Which, sadly, after one has made typing up this post harder than I would like.

This beer is impressively delicious.  It’s not bitter, and it’s summery.  That’s all I need.


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