Oh Thursday, You Didn’t Disappoint Me

Little Fridays are great because they are the day before Friday.  Duh.  But many things happened today that made it great.

  1. My kiddos were exceptionally good.
  2. I had MAP testing this afternoon, since the kiddies heart the computer lab, I do too.
  3. I got all my centers done for next week! BOOM!  I have not done this ONCE this year.  Coincidentally, I think it’s the last time I will re-do my centers this year.  Go me, getting it done the way it should have been all year…on the very last try.
  4. I got all my planning done for next week.  Written up in the plan book and everything.

Also, my breakfast looked like dessert!  Oats with goji berries, strawberries, almond butter, walnuts, flax, and chia.

First snack was a green pepper.  The whole darn thing.

My lunch was not of this world!  It was so good!  As it turns out, the lobster and crab ravioli only gets better with age — is that gross, since it’s seafood?  I put it in some tupperware with spinach and pesto.


Post mix + nuked:

Whoa.  They have stripes.

I was dying for second snack by the time 3pm rolled around.  I had a choco slug on a banana.

C’mon, it looks a little like a slug?  Right?  It’s really choco almond butter!

My dinner was leftovers because Kellen had a soccer game tonight.  I basically just did what I always do for lunch:  Mix a leftover with spinach and heat.

Tonight it was leftover bowtie pasta with red pepper flakes, red bell peppers, tomatoes, and kalamata olives (that’s what Kellen ate last night, since he’s not a seafood fan) and spinach with fresh tomato on top.

I am very exited for this weekend, as I will not be needed to shlep it into school 🙂  Happy Little Friday, Friends!


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One response to “Oh Thursday, You Didn’t Disappoint Me

  1. spikeandrox

    Go you! Have a very wonderful weekend! Love the choco slug!

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