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Get Your Curry Chicken Salad!!!

MMM!  Is it strange to daydream about all the great things I’ve eaten today?  I’m just going to own it!

After dinner tonight – which was EPIC – I loaded my pictures to blog.  After seeing a picture of my breakfast I started thinking, “I’m so trucking lucky to eat like this every day!”  Then I wanted some oatmeal.

Not this oatmeal…it’s too lumpy.

Ahh, almond milk makes everything juuuuuust right.

So I was thrown into a tizzy — yes, I just said “tizzy” — when I got my lunch out of my lunch sack only to find that it had leaked!  Like crazy leaked!  Good thing old Meijer bags are waterproof!

Anyway, lunch was the leftover roasted broc and zucchini with bbq sauce.

No second snack.

THEN DINNER!  I made farmer’s market corn of the cob and curry chicken salad without a recipe! BOOM!

I’ll give you the recipe I came up with though.

Here’s the corn. Yum.

Then I grilled up some chicken with salt and lemon pepper.  As it was grilling I chopped 4 stalks of celery (including the tops — they are tasty, try them! They don’t want to live in the trash!).

Once grilled I shredded the chicken with two forks.

Then I mixed together:

  • 1/4 c light mayo
  • maybe a tablespoon of mustard
  • 2 tsp curry powder
  • 3 Tbs of apple cider vinegar

And added in the chicken and celery.  Then I thought, this needs something else. Enter APPLE.

I mixed it up and threw it on a bed of baby spinach.  That’s Earth Balance on the corn. Yum times.

It’s true that food can make you feel good when you’re eating it.  Food can also make you feel like barfing after you’ve eaten it.  Today I ate food that made me happy whilst eating it and that made me happy after I’d finished it. Go me.



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I Never Thought This Day Would Come!

I’m in somebody’s blog roll!  I said way back in February, “one day, I’ll be in someone’s blog roll.”  AND NOW I AM! All my dreams are coming true!

These girls are pretty awesome (not to mention brave).  I can’t imagine keeping up with a blog in high school — but they do it!

Check out Brooke and Ashley >>>> here.


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Early Dinner

So it’s about a million degrees outside.  So I’m trying to wait until it cools of to run.  Also, not wanting to starve, I ate dinner early.

I roasted up some broc, sauteed some zuc, and grilled some chicken.  I rolled it all in a whole wheat wrap and threw on some bbq!

This was good. I hope it doesn’t sit it my tummy like a rock on my rizzun.


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Yeah, yeah, I ate some food.  I had an okay orange that I didn’t finish and a waffle for b-fast.  I took a picture but I somehow didn’t transfer it to my iPhoto ANYWAY, get to the bar!

Then I had an apple.

Then I had some pretty epic pizza I made the other night.  Pizza crust, 400 degree oven, garlic olive oil, ricotta, moz, fresh oregano, and tomato slices.  Awesome.  Even better cold, at lunch, two days later.

OKAY then, for second snack, I ate the greatest bar I’ve ever eaten.  It was literally made of walnuts, pistachios, raw honey, dates, and heaven.  Here it is.  You could eat it for dessert every day.

I think I might.

Dear Bora Bora People,

You have changed my life.  Your Paradise Walnut Pistachio bar is truly that – paradise.  If you could just trade out one of these bars for every pack of fruit snacks or doritos in my students’ lunches we could start our own healthy, whole foods revolution!  I can’t imagine anyone who could deny the salty-sweet-nutty deliciousness of this bar.  You have created a masterpiece.

I love you.


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The Great Debate!

After my last post about racing.  I started thinking about some of the songs that I listed as being awesome.  It’s true, they are all still awesome.  But some are definitely more upbeat, positive songs and others have closer to a f- you tone to them.  So my question is this:

  • Do you prefer to listen to upbeat positive music whilst working it out or do you like angry music?

To give you an idea of the types of songs I’m talking about I’ll give you some examples.

POSITIVE and UPBEAT: Passion Pit – Sleepyhead

ANGRY: Eminem & Nate Dogg – ‘Till I collapse

Which would you rather have a whole playlist full of?


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MONDAY: Awesome But Terrifying: Racing!

It’s true, I spent my high school career either racing, preparing to race, or in the bathroom right before a race.

Too much?  Not if you’re a runner!  You know that racing is awesome, but the nerves that constantly plague you are a dead giveaway that racing is terrifying!

My first race ever was in outdoor track my freshman year of high school.  I was running the 800.  I was on the starting line, about to barf, waiting for the gun to go off.  I was all sorts of mentally prepared to bust out a PR and win the heart of my coach and be thrust into the throws of the top seven!

Mr. Witt (my coach’s husband and my geometry teacher) raised the gun and pulled the trigger!

FALSE START!  Don’t worry, the gun didn’t go off.  So I had to wait on that starting line another excruciatingly long 10 seconds for him to figure out how to fix it.  After the gun shot, I was off!  It took me way too long to break into the first lane, I was dead tired after the first 200, and I came in second to last. wOOt!

Let me tell you, that first race was TERRIFYING!  I’m not sure there was anything awesome about it.

And I’m not going to tell you some lie about how each race got easier either.  They didn’t.  Now that I knew, truly, how terrifying they were I had all day to think about how each race would go.

But the awesome part was, I got really into visualization.  I would imagine myself running each race, even each practice, to a soundtrack of awesomeness.

I remember recording “What It’s Like” from Whitey Ford Sings the Blues off of the radio and playing it over and over on My First Sony on the bus on the way to an indoor race where I was to run the duce.

Another favorite was Eminem’s Hi My Name Is.  Yes, I knew (and still know) all the lyrics.

For your viewing pleasure (NSFW)

Here’s a goody that I KNOW you haven’t heard in a while.  I remember jamming out to this on the way to a crazy XC meet in late August.  It was seriously XC.  They had bails of hay in the middle of trails that you had to hurdle.

Oh Lou Bega, what ever happened to you?

The good news is, my taste has only gotten better.  Here are some great running tunes that always get me pumped for a race!  These happen to make me feel like I can do anything.

I can’t get these to just play straight from the blog…so just pop them into iTunes so you can taste the happy.

  • Eminem & Nate Dogg – Till I Collapse
  • Christina Aguilera – WooHoo (also, sure to be a summer anthem!)
  • Passion Pit – Sleepyhead & Moths Wings
  • Paulette – Rude Boy (HumanJive Radio Edit)
  • Lustra – Scotty Doesn’t Know
  • Fall Out Boy ft. John Mayer – Beat It
  • Luda – Get Back
  • The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done
  • Jamie Foxx ft. JT – Winner
  • DJ Khalid – All I Do Is Win
  • Jay-Z – On To The Next One
  • The Heavy – How You Like Me Now

These are just a few of my most recent acquisitions.  And, always and forever, the best running song of all time:

  • Eminem – Lose Yourself

You can’t deny of the awesome of a song that has the words “FEET FAIL ME NOT” written into the lyrics.

So races, if you haven’t done one, get these songs, sign up and do it!  No matter how fast or slow you go you can be sure of two things:

  1. You will be terrified out of your mind as you walk to the start line.
  2. It will be one of the most awesome things you’ll ever do.


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I Suck At Blogging!

How many days have I missed now?  A week? Apologies all around!

I can’t even say that I’ve been busy or anything, I’ve just been enjoying relaxing in the evenings.  I’d rather blog when inspiration strikes and have the posts be at least tolerable instead of forcing it and coming up with lame-o posts.  So here’s today’s breakfast:

If these two items had a baby it would look like this…and taste amazing.

So many strawberries!  These oats also had flax, chia, almond butter, walnuts, and cinnamon.  Yes, if I saw it, I put it in.

I was stuffed from b-fast so even though I had packed some carrots and hummus, I didn’t partake.

Lunch was the final bits of my Friday night chinese food.  Just the steamed broccoli with garlic sauce.

You know second snack was a banana.

Yes, these pictures are extremely bo-ring.  I have to take them all inside, in the morning (so it’s still dark out), in a rush (because lately I’ve been enjoying laying in bed a few extra moments after I wake up).

AAAAAAnd this is why I’m excited for the summer.  Time to put thought into my meals, time to photograph them and do a decent job.  Time to enjoying eating said food rather than woofing it down between meetings and/or kiddos being in the room.  I’m just plain old excited for summer.

OKAY, time for the countdown.  I’ll come up with an awesome but terrifying for your Monday reading pleasure 🙂


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