Oh, Whitney, Eat What You Pack

I made a delicious lunch for Friday.  It was spinach, chili, red bell pepper, and avocado.  I had some champagne mango, choco-covered nuts, and a tangerine.  The only part I ate?  Choco nuts.

My day started with shakeology.  Since my pictures of this delicious treat are so boring I spiced it up a bit by only photographing the ingredients.  I’m an artist, I know.

I try to picture my first snack at home rather than do it in the classroom with the kiddos (like there’s time!).  This morning, Phyn was particularly interested in my tangerine.  Probably because I held it down for him to sniff.

Nope, I didn’t eat this bad boy.  Out of the three tangerines I have packed for lunch/snacks I have not eaten a one!  Too much effort to peel?  That’s my guess.  Lazy, Tums, lazy.

We’ve been doing CATS testing at school and some big wigs from the department of education came to see that everything was kosher (i.e. nobody is cheating, everyone is double locking tests, using no. 2 pencils, etc.)

Anyway, we passed with exemplary marks.  In a totally BA move, our principal ordered the school Bourbon!  and Toulouse !  I seriously love this stuff!  It’s rice with all sorts of toppings.  My favorites are chicken etouffée and black beans with caramelized corn.  Luckily there was TONS left over!  I took home two baby-sized bags of rice and a pan of chicken etoufee.

Can you freeze rice?  What am I going to do with two giant bags of it?

So here was my lunch:

That turned out to be a bigger plate than I thought.  I definitely didn’t finish the whole thing.

Then I ate some choco-covered nuts.

I came home and celebrated getting all my centers done with some rum! RARG!  That’s me being a pirate.

Too bad I couldn’t finish it.  My allergies have kicked into high gear.  My head felt drunk before I had 5 sips of this from all the sinus pressure.  So I calmly put the drink aside, the loaded up on alevert and dayquil, because I’m a classy OTC girl.

Dinner was more rice!  I didn’t finish it because I couldn’t taste it!  Also, because it was a crazy big portion.  My eyes and my stomach need a communication class!

Tomorrow is Derby day!  Unfortunately it’s going to be rainy all day.  But don’t think that will keep me from screaming at the TV as those  ponies thunder down the muddy track!

Also, I have been introduced to a highlarious blogger mom who is now a quintessential part of my google reader.  Mama Pea!  You’ll like her better than me, I promise! 🙂



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2 responses to “Oh, Whitney, Eat What You Pack

  1. spikeandrox

    Ah, come on, I’ll never like any blogger than you…no way…:-)

  2. Haha! Thanks for the vote of confidence, mom!

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