Things I Could Live Without

Long John Silvers.  More later on that little ditty.

I woke up pretty early yesterday.  I don’t know why, seeing as how I spent the whole day in my comfy clothes, stuck inside with line after line of thunderstorm threatening to destroy our town.  Don’t worry, the media completely blew the storms out of proportion and we only got some rain.  Today only promises more rain even though the weather people swear mother nature is trying to do us in with tornados and flooding.

I had bran flakes for breakfast.

OH SUGAR FOOT! I just remembered the coffee I made this morning has been sitting in the pot un-drunk (dranken?) for about an hour!

Anyway, I had bran flakes.

Then I had a mid-morning snack of choco shakeology.

Don’t get too excited, it’s a reused picture.

Then I was reading through Mama Pea’s archives.  By the way, if you didn’t click on her link in my last post, you need to click on this one.  She is far and away the most high larious blogger I know of.

ANYWAY, I was reading through her archives and came across the crack wrap.  And after eating it I know why it’s called the crack wrap.  It’s super easy to make, tastes like heaven, and once you’ve eaten it all you can do is think about the next one you’ll make and eat.

3 ingredients (much like the real version):

  • wrap
  • cheese
  • hummus

Taste the happy!

Hello lunch, ALL SUMMER!

Then I had a massive cookie in a bowl.  And not the heathy protien-type cookie.  The “I have no idea what’s in this crap because there is no ingredient list on the package.  Maybe next time I won’t buy cookie dough from an 8 year old” type.

Alright.  Here comes the part of my day that I could have lived without.  (I needed, and will need again, the cookies and crack).

Long John Silvers.

Thank you Bobby Flay and your Throwdown.

Bobby Flay is a funny dude.  He’s an even funnier dude when you get him outside the constraints of the Food Network, as Kellen and I did this past fall at the Lexington Food Show where Bobby was doing a live cooking demonstration.  So when we were flipping through the channels yesterday we found Throwdown and decided to stick around.

This Throwdown was made even better by the fact that Bobby was putting his cooking chops up against a fellow from the UK who runs a little fish and chip joint with what is probably the best name in all fish and chip joint history: A Salt & Battery.

Long story short, by the time the show was over Kellen and I must have said, “man, I really want some fish and chips” at least 14 times each.

Not wanting to change out of our comfy clothes, we did the laziest possible thing we could have done:  Fast food.

What I am now about to post has sent me into such food bloggie shame that I flirted with the idea of not posting it at all.  But I’m posting it with the knowledge that today is a new day, and the shame of last night will pass much like the shame the Hoff experienced after the release of his drunken burger episode.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, as I don’t really like to talk about my flare.

And like a phoenix I will rise from the ashes of my LJS meal and live to eat real, good, whole foods again.




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2 responses to “Things I Could Live Without

  1. spikeandrox

    You are absolutely hilarious!!:-)

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