I Need Something TANGY!

Is what I woke up thinking this morning.

I also woke up with dry eyes thinking, “I am terribly dehydrated!  Drink some water, woman!”

I went downstairs to get some b-fast and to make something for lunch.  Since shakeology is so boring to photograph, I put myself into the photo.  Since I’m so interesting.

I must say though, I totally dug my outfit today.  You can see the tops in the picture and my bottoms were black linen (since it was going to be hawt!)  I felt like I had pjs on all day.  I looked like a professional but felt like I was lying at home on the couch!

As the title implies, I needed something tangy this morning — tanginess was haunting my thoughts from the moment I got up!  So upon opening the fridge I pulled out the tangiest things I could find.

  • green bell pepper (half of which I ate for snack, but didn’t photograph)
  • hummus

Really, the tanginess I was craving is the exact tanginess of the sour kraut, but feeling like bringing an entire jar to eat for lunch might cause problems for me (and the people around me), I was obliged to mix it with some other stuff.

My original salad.  Rice, spinach, peppers, and KRAUT!

At lunch time I heated this bad boy up and took a long-awaited bite.

NOPE, not tangy enough!  Bring in the reserves!  Luckily I had packed a baggie of hummus on the off chance that the salad wasn’t up to par.  Doesn’t hummus just make everything better?  Aye, it do!

Hummus blob.

This salad was amazing.  I literally shoveled it into my mouth!

If I had more of it, I would have eaten myself sick, like a big, dumb labrador.  That’s right, America’s Favorite Dog, you just got burned!  The fact is, I just don’t care much for you.  How I could when I’ve got this guy running around my house?

Phyn’s senior picture.

After school I ate a banana with peanut butter.  Behind said banana is a preview of my kiddo’s presents for their mamas on mother day.  Puzzle pieces that they painted!

I’m off to get a free meal at Applebee’s!  Thank you Teacher Appreciate week!



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2 responses to “I Need Something TANGY!

  1. Sounds like you had a great day! my wife is a teacher, while I was recovering from carpal tunnel surgery I use to send 3 or 4 courses for lunch with sauces…….she got the strangest looks at lunch time…

  2. What? I want lunches like that! I’m sure she loved them! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

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