Why Is My Salad Hot?

In honor of Cinco De Mayo I made a lunch salad that had what I think of whenever I think of my honeymoon in Mexico: Cumin.

I always use cumin in my taco salads and burritos.  So today I added it to my salad to add a little Mexican flare.  I’m still trying to use up all the rice so I threw some rice, spinach, avocado (holla!), and cucumber into a tupperware.  BOOM! Salad.  I added some cumin and hot sauce on top with some blue cheese dressing.

ANYWAY, when I took the first bite of this salad at lunch it was so spicy!  I thought, “whoa, I had no idea cumin was this hot!  Maybe it’s always this hot but when I mix it with a big dish of food it’s so spread out that I don’t notice how hot it is.”  Then I remembered that I doused my salad in hot sauce this morning.


Whitney, WAIT!  You forgot your non-Cinco de Mayo-themed breakfast!

Oat bran. Strawberries. Lots of chia (my oats were a little too wet for me when they came out of the microwave.  Hello chia!  You are amazing little seeds that will soak up all manner of liquids!) walnuts, mooshed banana and almond butter, and cinnamon.

My first snack was a big mango.

I get a big sense of satisfaction from scraping the mango meat from the skin with my teeth.

Seeing all these dark, dark pictures make me want summer that much worse.  I can’t use natural daylight when I’m taking my pictures because I wake up before the sun! Boo!  Plus, the light in my kitchen just isn’t bright enough to make my pictures look nice.

Never fear though, in 19 short days I will be taking photos in the light of day!

Second snack was a plum.  Check this guy out.  He has plumb-er butt. HAHAHA!  Don’t think I haven’t been planning that one all day!

I ended up still at school at 6:30 tonight.  And I was starved!  So I stopped for sushi!  I got a california roll with spicy sauce on top.  This was very spicy, friends!  I was sweating by the end of the roll!

This is a pretty picture.  See what daylight can do?


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