Teacher Appreciation Continues!

I got the best teacher appreciation gifts today!  I got cookies, a water bottle, and organically grown produce!  Do my parents know me or what?  Actually, I think the organically grown produce was pure luck.

I got scallions, asparagus, and beautiful flowers!  I nearly cried, I was so excited when the mom walked these into school!  The note read, “eat without fear, we grow all our food organically”.  Amazing.

Everything came wrapped in adorable yellow ribbon.

On my way to my car after school I saw an earthworm on the hot, dry pavement.  It was writhing around and being swarmed by ants.  Maybe I should have just let nature take its course, but I picked the little guy up and looked for a nice patch of dirt to put him in.  All the dirt was incredibly dry so I dumped the entire contents of my water bottle onto a patch of dusty dirt and let the worm go to town on the mud.  He started borrowing into it right away.  It was sort of awesome to watch.

It was a good Friday.  The worm thought so too.



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2 responses to “Teacher Appreciation Continues!

  1. spikeandrox

    You are your mother’s daughter! Save worm, save the world….at least a tiny bit of it!

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