Farmer’s Market and Eating Crap

These are both things I did today.  I promise that starting tomorrow I won’t be eating crap…oh wait, teacher appreciation continues next week — we get to eat lunch out, we’re having an ice cream day, and we’re having strawberry shortcake day.

Stay strong, Whitney.  You know if you eat all that stuff you will feel like crap.

OOOkay, here come some more beautiful pictures of food.  My breakfast was made from farm fresh eggs, tomatoes, spinach, and mozzarella.  I also had half of a sandwich thin with butter.  Sandwich thins are so sweet, I love them.

Then we watched SNL and went to the farmer’s market.  The market was sort of anti-climactic.  I was hoping there would be a little more selection, although I was happy to see the strawberries were out, and the bbq and ice cream man wasn’t there.  I did get some good stuff though 🙂

Where did they get oranges at this time of year in Kentucky???

They were selling flowers at the farmer’s market.

This is where the hotdogs and ground beef came from.

Then we went to the store to buy other groceries.  I was starving when we went…and my food choices reflect my ravenous hunger.  This is a cautionary tale, do not go to the store hungry.

Shells and cheese.

Bunny Tracks ice cream with sauce and rainbow sprinkles.  Just the way any self-respecting 7 year old would have it.

Also, right now on KET they are airing a show about volcanos.  Volcano shows are so awesome.


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