MANTRA: *Focus On The Marginally Good, Focus On The Marginally Good*

I had a lot of not great moments today.  But I tried to focus on some good things going on at work.  I also did a lot of deep breathing.

NOT GREAT: Many things happened today (some of the most frustrating things were caused by me) that made me wonder if I could make a living blogging…working at a daycare…or just selling shoes….

MARGINALLY GOOD:  At least my room was in one piece at the end of the day.

NOT GREAT: Our bean plants are not growing.

MARGINALLY GOOD:  I remembered to water them.

NOT GREAT: I feel like this.

MARGINALLY GOOD:  I actually looked like this at the end of the day.

Still not great…but it’s no Katie Holmes.

Also, when I googled pictures for her after I typed in “Katie Holmes”, in the drop down menu the first thing that came up was “Katie Holmes looks terrible”.  Ouch.

Here’s another thing.  Before I thought of Katie Holmes I thought I would google a photo of the scary guy from behind the dumpster in Mulholland Drive.  What was his deal?

This was a total whack-job of a movie!  This scene gave me nightmares.  I definitely saw this movie when I was too young to understand it.

I know that dumpster guy makes you hungry.  So here’s some food.

Breakfast was chia-oats with cinnamon, almond milk, almonds, almond butter, and strawberries.  Now that I write it out it’s incredible how many almond-based things I have in the kitchen.

MMM Lunch was roasted veg, rice and bbq sauce.  Please imagine me saying “BBQ sauce” like they used to say it in the Chili’s commercials.

I had second snack when I got home.  Ba-nay-nay with choco almond butter.

I have no clue what we will do for dinner.  I’m off to do some yoga to relax my mind grapes…or maybe I’ll just take a bath.



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5 responses to “MANTRA: *Focus On The Marginally Good, Focus On The Marginally Good*

  1. some times not bad is good… hope for more is just a dream….sigh….I have been having days close to bad all week…just bordering on it…I’m hopin just to live thru this week and start new next week!!

  2. You can do it! After tomorrow you start the downhill slope to the weekend 🙂

  3. spikeandrox

    You look sad and frustrated in the after-school pic….yikes, must have been a terrible day….

    • It could have been worse…but it wasn’t great. But seriously when I got home I listened to some spa-ish music, closed my eyes and just relaxed…and did my best to remember a great piece of advice you’d given me: it’s only a job. Plus, only 14 more days!

  4. highonhealthy

    Focusing on the good is a great way to brighten up a not so great day. And hey, you look really good for having just spent the day with kids. One kid for 1 minute is all I can handle. 😉

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