If You See Crazy Coming, Cross The Street

That’s just good advice.

Here’s some things I have done and ate in the past couple of days.

We were learning about plants at school.  One of my lessons was about roots.  So I raided my stock of veggies and brought in some of the root variety.

I also made a breakfast cookie.  You have to make these the night before.  Mine had the following:

  • raw oats
  • almond milk
  • choco shakeology
  • chia
  • flax
  • almond butter
  • pinch of sea salt

Then in the morning I added walnuts and strawberries on top.  Really, it’s the pinch of salt that makes this dish.  It would be good without it, but sweetness is just enhanced by a tiny bit of salt.  YUM.

My snack was cantaloupe. Also, YUM.

I had more peanut sauce, cous cous, spinach and scallions for lunch.  This peanut sauce might be my new favorite thing.

Second snack was a banana with cinnamon and peanut butter.  The cinnamon was a little dry (it was on the side of the banana and the butter was on the top).  So I think next time I would put the cinnamon on and spread the peanut butter on top of it.

I honestly don’t know what I had for dinner this night.  Mostly because this afternoon I was so distracted I could barely function.  I’m not sure that even an IV of aderol could have kept my head straight.  I digress.

So this was Thursday’s eats.  Friday’s eats were a bust.  I had a really good black bean burger, bran flakes for breakfast, and peanut sauce covered pasta for lunch.  I didn’t even bother photographing the food.  Lo siento.  I’ll be better in the future, I promise.  In the mean time here are some ways I deal with stress:

  • Call mom.  I heard on the John Tesh radio show that a call to mom is just as comforting as a hug.  They did a study and everything.
  • Recognize that worrying is a useless practice.
  • Think about laying on the couch with Kellen.  This always immediately calms me.
  • Breath deeply in through my nose and out through my mouth. Ahhhh.
  • Change my environment.  Get out of the place where the stress-inducing stuff went down.
  • Do an activity where you go into “auto pilot”.  Laundry and cleaning are good for me.
  • Remember that one thing does not define who you are or what your life is about.

Have a happy weekend, friends 🙂


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