Saturday Farmer’s Market

Sunday Farmer’s Market = Lame.

Holy Hannah!  The Saturday Farmer’s Market in Lexington is crazy amazing!  They shut down two blocks and they have everything from fresh goat cheese to wine to homemade, fresh pasta (I got the sun dried tomato kind).  Here’s what we got.  Sorry to say, I didn’t get any pictures because I was so busy looking around.  Wow, this used to be a blog where I showed you pictures of what I ate; what happened?!?! I promise, next week I’ll take some pictures!

  • two ears of corn
  • two squashes
  • a thing of strawberries
  • red potatoes
  • choco-peanut butter fudge
  • two vidalia onions

Every time I go to the market I think about getting some honey.  We had a big jar of raw honey from a long time ago here.  I hadn’t used it in a while, assuming, I guess, that it might not be good anymore.  But I busted it out today for breakfast.  Wild berry buckwheat waffle with almond butter, crasins, and raw honey.  Some cantaloupe on the side.

Then we went downtown and I took some pictures of pansies.

I like this pansy because it seems like it’s looking at something.  Like the pansies in the disney version of Alice and Wonderland — the old animated one, not the new one.

Then we ate sandwiches at a downtown deli called Giacomo’s .  I got a killer portabello and swiss panini with red onions and pesto.  Plus, the bread was homemade!  Rock!

Kellen got a sandwich with brisket, corned beef and cold slaw.  It was massive.

I think I’ll make that homemade farmer’s market pasta for dinner.  Or, chinese.


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