Cemeteries. They Are Terrifying and NOT Awesome

My track coach, Cherie used to have us do hill workouts on a dirt road sandwiched between the school and a cemetery.  It was called Cemetery Hill.  So when those awful days rolled around Cherie would tell us how many cemeteries we had to do.

The fact that they were named after a place where dead people live did not inspire confidence.

I used to do a minimum of around 6.  Most of the time I was instructed to do about 8.  Today I did the Lexington equivalent to cemeteries.  I found an equally difficult hill about a mile from my house and I pushed myself up it three times.  And three times, I nearly yaked.

It felt really good to be working out hard again though.  I’m proud of me!

SHOOT ME!  (To the food!)

B-fast, same ol’, same ol’.

Lunch. Pasta Salad.  I did not have a very well-rounded day of food.

Post yoga and pre-run banana.  This banana was very fat.  Strange.

Also, you may have noticed that I mentioned that I did yoga and ran!  Just a little preview of what the summer schedule will hopefully look like.  I even had to time to wash the bed sheets!

Dinner.  Dumplings!  After two of them I just peeled off the wrapper and ate it.  The insides were gross.  Upon a visual inspection I couldn’t tell what the insides were made of, so I decided I shouldn’t eat them.  The sauce is Bragg’s, OJ, scallions, ginger, Thai chili sauce, and garlic.

I had half a choco-shakeology shake for dessert.

Now, tonight I will be able to get into bed at whatever time I please.  So I will be spending the remainder of the evening to catch up on The Real Housewives Of Newwww JERSEYYYY!


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One response to “Cemeteries. They Are Terrifying and NOT Awesome

  1. The Hubs

    Cemeteries are where dead people live??? The whole point of being dead is not living.

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